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Weapon Information
Frost Cleaver.jpg
Game Description: The blades of the goblin captains are as cold as their hearts… So very cold...
Damage: Medium Physical
Special: Freezes its target
Location: Chapter 8: Dropped by goblin captains.

The Frost Cleaver can be found fairly commonly throughout Chapter 8. Its ability to freeze a target is a simple yet effective power that can prove to be a life saver in many situations. It can be, but might be slightly riskier, to be used as an offensive weapon; though it is generally a bad idea to enter melee combat as a magic user, this game is no exception. Against single enemies however, it is possible to use the Frost Cleaver with the aid of the Teleport magick (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)), or the Aristo-Staff, to quickly close in and freeze them. It is also notable that arcane spells deal triple damage versus frozen opponents. An arcane-based spell such as the SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) area-of-effect attack can be combined with the instant freeze of the Frost Cleaver for massive damage, though at considerable risk to the wizard.

This weapon can be very handy defensively, letting you easily leave melee combat, and giving you free opportunity to attack back or move your focus to other monsters. This weapon will be less useful against larger groups of monsters, as it is difficult to freeze enough of them fast enough to provide you with significant close combat advantage, you would be better off casting Water(Q)4xArcane (S) and then Cold (R)4xArcane (S) quickly in succession as an AOE. However, enchanting the Frost Cleaver prevents it from freezing with that attack.

If you strike a dormant Elemental with the Frost Cleaver, it will turn into a Water Elemental, not Ice or Cold.


  • Freezes its target instantly.


  • One swing can be used to freeze several smaller opponents or one powerful. It does more than freezing single goblin!
  • Great method of escaping when surrounded by enemies.
  • Powerful in combination with arcane spells
  • Deals very high damage
  • There are lots of Goblin Captains in Magicka so this weapon is easy to obtain.


  • Must be in melee range