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Frostjord Farms consists of a whole bunch of farmland that are covered with snow and ice. The land is very wonky and only a small amount of places are covered with cobblestone, the other patches of land are usually covered by ice. Although this place is quite icy some crops do manage to grow here.


Frostjord Farms is located just outside the Partially Snowy Plains, at the almost-northern end of Midgård. Directly south is the great city of Havindir, the capital city. A few trees surround it though these are not shown in-game. The place is also overrun by lots of Monsters and hardly anyone lives here.


Empty and abandoned (or just closed for the time being), Frostjord Farms is a lonely place directly north of the city of Havindir. Almost no houses can be found here, and the place is pretty much taken over by the monsters and Khan. Some fences can be found, along with a bunch of haystacks. Also for no good reason there are movable bridges.