GIs are friendly NPCs found in the Vietnam Rescue Mission Challenge Scenario. They are American soliders fighting against Vietcong forces made up of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls. In Magicka: Vietnam GIs are armed with M16A1s excepting one at the start who has an M60. They also have the ability to throw grenades similar to the "Liberty Grenade" thrown by the Patriot Staff.

Three GIs at the start of Vietnam Rescue Mission are named after characters from the 1993 Commodore Amiga game Cannon Fodder: Jools, Stoo, and RJ. These in turn are named after three of Cannon Fodder's developers: Julian "Jools" Jameson, Stuart "Stoo" Cambridge, and Richard Joseph. The fourth GI, Salynrad, is not named for a Cannon Fodder character.


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