There are several game modes in Magicka which may be played online, over a LAN, or locally (or both at the same time), Magicka supports up to four players at a time.

Current modes[]


Play through the story/campaign mode of Magicka by yourself, or with up to three friends locally. Four players maximum, only one keyboard/mouse can be used per computer, if more players are on the same computer they must use gamepads (see controls). Magicka's adventure mode is divided up into 12 Chapters, you can find a walkthrough here: Adventure Walkthrough.

When playing online, any magicks that the host player has learned on his character is automatically made available to all connecting clients (including magicks that require DLCs even if the connecting clients do not own the DLC).


There are two types of Challenges; Survival/Arena and Scenarios. In Survival Challenge up to four players hold out against harder and harder waves of enemies in a small arena-style area. In a Scenario Challenge players are given a larger expansive map (in the style of the adventure mode) and objectives to complete, as well as a timer. High scores are recorded and uploaded to online leaderboards in both types of challenges.

Player vs. Player[]

There are three type of PvP modes; Death Match, Brawl and Krietor's Tourney. In Death Match up to four players fight against each other to reach a set kill score in a set time limit. In Brawl all players (up to four) have a set number of lives and the winner is the last one left or the one with the most lives when time runs out. In Krietor's Tourney up to four players kill each other to get the highest in the set time limit with new Magicka being awards to all players at certain intervals. Both Death Match and Brawl can be played with teams and the frequency of luggage (item/Magicka drops) can be set.

When playing an online Challenge that comes with a DLC, only the host needs to own the DLC to enable the connecting clients (even if they do not own it) to play it.

Future game modes[]


"Capture the Flag" was found in the game files, just that its called "Capture the Snitch".[1] Possibly a future game mode, possibly not.


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