M60 GnarledStaff

In-game description

Description: Edit

The Gnarled Staff is a wieldable staff. It's Active Ability summons a Tree Spirit to fight for the user.

"The herbalist's wet dream"

Passive Ability: Makes the owner immune to poison

Active Ability: Summon Tree Spirit

Location: Edit

This staff can be found at the very end of the 3. chapter. It is dropped by each of the three bosses (shamans/druids), you will have to fight all at once at the same time.

Opinion: Edit

Its a pretty good army-staff. You can summon an unlimited amount of Tree Spirits, a lot of Undead Zombies, an unlimited amount of Elementals and the Death himself (if you want to suicide ;) ), and all of them will fight for you, while you can hide yourself in a shield. It does take some time to build up an army, and you will have to repeat it every time you go to the next map-part, but you will never die. The immunity to poison is only helpfull in chapter 9 against the undead, but its still a really good staff if you use it correctly and with the right strategie.