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Staff Information
Gnarled staff.jpg
Game Description: The herbalist's wet dream.
Passive: Makes the owner immune to poison
Active: Summon Tree Spirit
Location: Chapter 3: Dropped by Druids at the henge stones and a couple of in the next area or Chapter 6, during the mind battle..

The Gnarled Staff is commonly carried by Druids, an order of nature-loving tree-huggers who delight in sending forth shrubbery to do their dirty work.


  • While holding the Gnarled Staff, you are immune to poison.
  • When activated, the Gnarled Staff has the unique ability to summon a walking Tree Spirit to fight as your ally.
  • Best Use: The summoned Tree Spirit is a tough ally that can be quite handy to have, especially if you have not yet learned any Summon Magick.


  • Tree Spirits are tough allies and can be summoned with decent frequency.


  • Protection from poison is rarely all that useful.