Weapon Information
Gram (Weapon).jpg
Game Description: A well-crafted sword, perfect for slaying dragons... Wonder if there are any nearby?
Damage: Medium Physical
Special: Dragon Slayer
Location: Chapter Two: Immediately after entering the forest, stuck in a tree behind the Forest Troll eating the moose.

Gram is, in general usage, an underwhelming weapon, dealing medium damage with no other effects. However, when used against Fafnir, the end boss of Chapter Eleven, it deals 18,000,303 damage per hit, slaying him instantly and earning the player the Stuff of Legends achievement. it can also get you the it's over 9000 achievement, if you don't already have it.

In multiplayer, Gram will be lost if the player carrying it dies from falling off the map, as players respawn with default weapons and there is no corpse left to retrieve weapons from. As such, if one wishes to earn the achievement, one must reach Chapter Eleven without falling off the map, which is made extremely difficult by sections such as the mind duel with Grimnir. Alternatively, one can simply complete Chapter Two with a character from a different slot at the lobby. The weapon data will save for all the missions and Gram will be available to the player in that slot for Chapter Eleven.

A recent update allows players to start from any previously played chapter - this makes getting the Stuff of Legends achievement much easier to earn as the player can skip from Chapter 2 to Chapter 11 after obtaining the sword.


  • The perfect weapon against dragons.
  • Deals enough damage to slay goblins with two hits.


  • There's only one dragon in the game.


The sword is a reference to the Ring Cycle, by Richard Wagner, in which a hero finds a sword of the same name similarly stuck in a large tree. Whether or not trolls or moose were nearby in Wagner's version is not entirely clear.