Grease Information Magick grease.png
Game Description: Coats the immediate area with a greasy, highly flammable, slippery, cheese-like substance. The smell is a bonus.
Combination: Water(Q)Earth (D)Life (W)
Keycode: QDW
Location: Chapter One: Located at the base of the tower across the lake shortly after hearing an explosion after the first moose. Freeze the lake to get across.
Chapter Seven: Located at the same location as in Chapter One.

Spell effects[]

Grease causes the caster to spray 6 patches of grease in an 90° arc where the wizard is facing 6 distance away. The grease patches take 0.5 seconds in total to spray and each of the 6 patches of grease has a radius of 1.5. The grease patches are slippery to walk on (same as walking on ice) and will cause enemies and players to slide on it and change direction with difficulty.

Units standing within the grease spray's arc of fire will be greased and take twice as much fire damage (similar to how wet units take twice as much lightning damage and frozen units take 3 times as much damage from physical/arcane damage). Units walking onto grease patches do not get greased. Getting greased will stop a unit from being wet and conversely the grease debuff can be removed by getting wet. A unit that is greased does not look visibly different from a unit that is not greased.

If any spell containing the Fire (F) element touches a patch of grease, it is set on fire and all touching grease patches also get set on fire. If a monster or player walks through a lit patch of grease, it will take fire damage, be set on fire and possibly enter panic mode. Multiple patches of grease can be stacked on top of each other to increase the damage.

Grease patches can only be extinguished if an area spell containing the Water(Q) or Cold (R) elements extinguishes ALL connecting grease patches in a single cast. Rain and Thunder Storm will also extinguish grease patches on fire but these 2 Magicks can only be cast outdoors. Nullify will additionally remove the grease patches on top of extinguishing them. Spells with Steam elements do not set grease patches on fire. Blizzard and spells with Ice or Cold (R) elements do not extinguish patches of fire.

Patches of unlit grease remain on the ground for 60 seconds. If set on fire, its remaining duration starts to decrease at a rate 3 times faster than usual. As such, grease patches that are lit immediately on cast will burn for 20 seconds. Grease patches set on fire while it has 30 seconds remaining will only burn for 10 seconds. Additionally, there can only be 48 grease patches up per player at any time, casting the 9th Grease Magick will cause the first 6 patches of grease (from the first cast of Grease) to despawn.

A fire immunity aura (Fire (F)Shield (E)+Self Cast) can be used to safely walk through grease patches that are on fire.


  • Useful for setting up an area enemy monsters must walk through and take fire damage, as well as additional fire damage over time.
  • Can be used on stationary bosses (and set on fire) such as The Machine in Chapter Four and Grimnir in Chapter Six and Chapter Twelve.
  • When set ablaze, instantly forces weaker enemies to panic (also a Con, because it does the same to you)


  • Grease takes time to setup and it does no actual damage by itself. You have to light it with fire for it to be useful.
  • The wizard has to be fairly close to the target location.
  • Fire damage is considered very weak in comparison to other elements.


  • The image for the magick is a reference to this picture, which in turn is a reference to MC Hammer's "Hammertime".