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Staff Information
Game Description: The standard issue GSP was never meant to be wielded by wizards, and only less talented wizards would ever resort to the use of reinforced iron to fend off enemy attacks. It has proven to be surprisingly useful in wizard duels, but is rather a liability when the casting of spells becomes necessary.
Passive: Significantly decreased spell efficiency
Active: Shieldbash
Location: Magicka: Party Robes DLC, it is the default staff for the Tank wizard.

Appears in Magicka: Party Robes DLC and can only be obtained with the "Tank Wizard" wizard model as the default starting staff.


  • The Greater Shield of Protection decreases the power of all spells, but allows the user to perform a "charge." This attack is reminiscent of a Beast Brute's charge, knocking down smaller enemies and effectively preventing them from attacking the wizard's party.


  • It can knock down enemies
  • Shields you from damage
    • 2 power D on self deals ~90 damage without
    • 2 power D on self deals ~12 damage with


  • Makes damage and healing spells ineffective
  • Quickly abandoned in favor of anything else if spells are needed