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Weapon Information (pending)
Game Description: This semi automatic gyrojet sidearm fires self propelled .75 calibre depleted nerdium core rounds with diamond tip. The rounds explode on impact and engulf the target in magical flames.
Damage: Medium Physical, Fire
Special: Ranged, Explodes on impact, Ignites
Location: It is the default weapon for the Space Wizard.

The Gyrojet Pistol appears in the Base Game and can only be obtained with the "Space Wizard" wizard model as the default starting weapon.


  • It is ranged, firing at the same rate as the M1911, Type 2 Phaser, and Compact Crossbow. When a shot hits its target, it creates a small explosion that sets the target on fire.


  • Ranged
  • Deals damage over time
  • Deals slightly more damage than equivalent pistols


  • Does not seem to hit enemies that are very close to the wizard


The Gyrojet Pistol is a reference to the Bolt Pistol from the Warhammer universe.