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Hávindr is the capital city of Midgård and the setting of Chapter 4 of Magicka. This is where The King and his army are situated.


Hávindr is located to the far north of Dunderhead and south of Frostjord Farms. To it's east is a large bay area, leading out to the sea. It has a North, East, South and West gate, but the West gate could be assumed to be unused, because the road west leads to the Galdrholl Ruins. The North gate leads to Frostjord Farms and Khan's Stronghold, the East gate leads to the bay and the South gate leads to Mykur Swamp and Dunderhead.


Hávindr is the largest human city in Midgård. Most buildings in the city are two stories high, if not three, many of the ground floors are presumably stores. There is one orphanage, which was left undefended and destroyed in the orc attack, though all of the children seem to have escaped. One wizard did try to save them, but ended up burning down the building with his conflagration magick and killing himself. A seasonal river flows through the city, and can be accessed when the river is dry during winter. Despite being a major city, Hávindr's walls consist of wood, although it may simply be that because there is no real threat to the city except wild animals and the occasional goblin/orc raid, leaving wood as a normally acceptable material.


The skill and true value of the army is questionable, as it takes at least half a dozen soldiers to kill an orc by themselves, and two to kill a goblin. Many of the soldiers are equipped with spears and a helmet. Body armour most likely takes the form of chain mail covered with a blue shirt, hands and feet covered in leather and simple cloth pants. Some, but few, soldiers are equipped with a sword and shield instead of a spear, and even fewer use bows. This shows that the majority of Hávindr's army consists of either conscripts or farmers and peasants drafted for military duty for a set time, while maintaining a few officers, captains and a small professional section of the army who's job is to defend the city full-time.


Although Vlad states that there is fierce fighting at the east gate, east of Hávindr is a bay. However this could mean that the city walls don't extend completely to the bay, and docks are outside the walls. The fact that the army can hold back the orcs at the east gate shows that the orcs have a navy rivalled by Hávindr.