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Hávindr Arena - Thrown into the mighty Hávindr Arena, you will face monsters from every corner of the world

The Hávindr Arena is a multiplayer map from Challenge mode which resembles a Roman Colosseum. As of the PvP update it is also a versus map.


Wave Enemies
01 Orc Scout (x6)
02 Giant Spider (x9), Poison Spider (x3)
03 Orc Scout (x6), Orc Berserker (x2)
04 Orc Warrior (x8)
05 Giant Spider (x14), Poison Spider (x6), Fire Drake (x4)
06 War Troll (x1), Orc Warrior (x2), Orc Scout (x6)
07 Disciple (x1), Orc Berserker (x8)
08 Malignant Beholder (x2)
09 Disciple (x2), Cave Troll (x2 Unarmed, x1 Armed)
10 Orc Warrior (x6), Orc Captain (x1), Orc Scout (x12)
11 Malignant Beholder (x1), Cave Troll (x2 Armed), Giant Spider (x22), Poison Spider (x6)
12 Khan (x1), Orc Warrior (x3)
13 Snow Troll (x2), Orc Berserker (x10)
14 War Troll (x3 Arbalest, x3 Hammer)
15 Disciple (x3), Poison Spider (x6)
16 Malignant Beholder (x4)
17 War Troll (x2 Arbalest), Orc Scout (x12)
18 Disciple(x4), Orc Berserker (x9), Orc Captain (x2)
19 Snow Troll (x3), Cave Troll (x3 Unarmed, x1 Armed), War Troll (x1 Arbalest, x1 Hammer)
20 Khan (x1), Orc Captain (x2), Disciple (x2), Malignant Beholder (x2)


Havindr arena features LOTS of ways to lose control of the wizard – from simple poison to being sent up into the air with great force, often meaning instant death. Please note: This guide is based around a solo run. These strategies may not be ideal for a team run, due to friendly fire. Useful spells:

  1. Arcane (S)Earth (D)Fire (F) Arcane Fireball and Arcane Fireground: Shoots arcane enhanced fireballs or makes walking around the wizard slow and painful. Don't bother casting this spell accurately, hammer S, D, F and right mouse button like mad! This spell is the first thing you should use – against first three waves it's perfect. Spam arcane fireballs when enemies are away, start holding shift when they get close. Simple and effective.
  2. IceIceShield (E)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Energy Crystals of Doom: Best to put on weapon. Creates an ice wall shooting lightnings to nearby opponents and then exploding like a Lightning (A)Arcane (S) area cast. Powerful against everything. It's got two disadvantages, though – sometimes it can kill you and the range is limited. Casting speed is not important due to the shock effect. Also, it's perfect for healing zombies, arcane and lightning elementals! This spell is your best friend during Havindr Arena fights.
  3. SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Storm Ray: Theoretically the best beam spell in the game. Wets enemies, shocks them and does great amount of arcane-lightning damage. You can heal elementals with it and snipe single, powerful targets like Trolls, Orc Chieftains, Disciples and Beholders.
  4. Earth (D)Water(Q)&Arcane (S)Cold (R) Waterquake and Chill nova: Use this combo against orc warriors and captains (dont't use anything before this!). First spell destroys the orcs' shields and wets them, while the second one freezes and damages enemies. Hammer element buttons and right mouse button when holding shift like with using Arcane Fireground. Spam first spell until all orcs are wet, then start spamming the second one. It will defeat orcs shockingly fast. There is quite a big change this combo will be nerfed soon.
  5. Shield (E)Fire (F), Shield (E)Lightning (A) & Shield (E)Arcane (S) Elemental wards: Use wards in this order against Salamanders, Beholders and Disciples,
  6. Arcane (S)Earth (D)Cold (R) Arcane Frostball and Arcane Frostground: Use this instead of Arcane Fireball and Arcane Fireground when fighting Salamanders.
  7. Earth (D)Life (W) Heaven help us: This is and emergency heal. Hammer it like mad. It does and area heal so heals also monsters around you, bit what's better – healing your opponents a bit or dying?

Sapient Pearwood Luggages will randomly spawn and drop items and Magicks when killed. This is the list of useful ones:

  1. Aristo-Staff: VERY useful staff. Gives 75% resistance to all elements (also, unfortunately, life) and allows you to teleport once upon a time. Teleport Magick allows you to teleport more often, but the resistance is still great.
  2. Staff of War: Its active ability is shooting arcane bolts – that's not much, but it also doubles your health and creates physical resistance aura. That's quite useful, especially when you are attacked physically but you attack with elements.
  3. Rod of Emergency Teleport: It's like the Aristo-Staff with random teleport and without elemental protection, but it's better than nothing when you haven't got the Teleport Magick yet.
  4. Knife of Counter-Striking: In reality, you use your weapons mainly for weapon enchants. This knife gives you permanent speed boost like Haste Magick, and the effect stacks! Can save you multiple times if it drops.
  5. Staff of the White Wizard: Its passive ability is nearly a joke, but active works like Fear Magick and is an excellent panic button.
  6. Haste: Very useful throughout all battle, even when you have teleport. Protects against being backed into a corner and allows fast travelling.
  7. Teleport: Even more useful throughout all battle. Protects against being backed into a corner, when you're actually backed it can back you off, allows even faster travelling and avoiding obstacles like walls, vortices, storms, vortices, mines, vortices, monsters, vortices and more!
  8. Nullify: Very useful when you have got Vortex and don't have Summon Elemental. Provides you some control of your vortices.
  9. Thunder Bolt: Really powerful Magick dealing 5,000 damage to the tallest object in front of the player. It also likes to strike wet and armored targets. If the target is tall, wet and armored, this Magick will deal 15,000 damage! Perfect against Beholders and Trolls. You can also use this to heal elementals when you're too far to use Energy Crystals and, when you'll have good occasion, also kill Orc Chieftains.
  10. Vortex: Creates a black hole that sucks anything near it. A really powerful Magick which can destroy whole armies if you manoeuvre well. When the Vortex eats something, it will grow, when it doesn't eat for a long time, it will start shrinking. If you want it to last longer or have greater range, feed it with Earth (D) earth bolts. But beware! It can suck you (the only method of surviving is teleporting off the Vortex before getting into its centre), your minions or Sapient Pearwood Luggages which contain precious things inside!
  11. Raise Dead: An alternative for Summon Elemental. It creates five zombies per cast so it's way faster, but zombies die very quickly, are very weak and far slower than most enemies, their only advantage being the ability to poison enemies.
  12. Summon Elemental: Summons a dormant elemental which will awake when it feels an element (earth, ice and shield don't work). Elementals are strong, durable and move with the speed of a wizard, also every elemental has a set of absorption, weakness and immunity abilities (see Elemental for details). Theoretically the best elementals are lightning elementals which shock enemies, they are easy to heal with most high damage spells which contain lighting (Energy Crystals, Storm Rays, TB Magick), additionally they absorb the same element they use to deal damage (lightning), so they heal each other when there are lots of them, and also are healed by Beholders' attacks! Their only disadvantage is that you can't safely wet your enemies when elementals are close due to water weakness. Also, the Disciples' water bolts can damage them, but shouldn't be strong enough to do serious damage before you can heal your minions. Dormant elementals aren't considered minions so you can have some dormant ones and 16 active ones, but this means element-attacking enemies can awake dormant ones, creating most often a weaker elemental and simultaneously unsummoning one of the useful ones.
  13. Fear and Invisibility: Panic buttons.

Wave 1 Use Arcane Fireballs and Arcane Fireground against Orc Scouts. Use the second one when the orcs grab you.

Wave 2 Use the same spells, keep moving so the Giant Spiders can't surround and block you, making you vulnerable to Poison Spiders' poison spits. It isn't dangerous, but it slows you and can make you slow enough to be damaged by your own Arcane Fireballs!

Wave 3 Walk a bit into some direction when the Orc Berserkers jump, instantly start spamming Arcane Fireground when they're close to you. Knockback effect will unable them to move if you keep spamming. When Berserkers are dead, fight with Orc Scouts like in Wave 1.

Wave 4 Use Waterquake & Chill Nova combo against Orc Warriors.

Wave 5 Cast a full fire ward on you to be resistant to the Salamanders' fire breath, then fight like in Wave 2. When Giant Spiders are dead, you van use Arcane Frostballs and Arcane Frostgrounds. It's quite effective against Poison Spiders and really deadly against Salamanders.

Wave 6 If you have Thunder Bolt Magick, wet the troll and kill him with it. If you haven't got it, snipe the troll with Storm Ray or kill everything simultaneously using Energy Crystals of Doom (exposing yourself to melee attacks and area effect of your own crystals, but killing faster). Keep moving – the troll will perform a powerful hammer attack if you stand close to it and don' move, in some cases instantly killing you.

Wave 7 Cast an arcane ward on you, then kill Orc Berserkers like in Wave 3. When they're dead, attack the Disciples with Storm Ray. Wath out – shoot only when they aren't going to shoot their own beam because crossing them can make a big boom able to instantly kill you.

Wave 8 Quickly cast a full lightning ward on yourself, then attack the Malignant Beholders with Energy Cystals, Storm Rays or Thunder Bolt Magick. If they shoot a combination of water and frost bolts on you, quickly cast fire on yourself and run! It's very possible they're going to shoot a powerful energy bolt which sends the wizard flying and can kill him with one direct hit! If the beholders don't shoot, start to cast Storm Rays and Energy Crystals again.