Weapon Information
Game Description: A wizard filling the supporting role is often a very gentle soul, and uncomfortable with the idea of harming others. He feels that his hands were made for better things than hoisting a blade.
Damage: Very Low Physical
Special: None
Location: Magicka: Party Robes DLC, it is the default weapon for the Support wizard.


  • Hands of great Wizard!


  • As sometimes nice after a hard day's work to embed to some goblin or even worse someone!
  • Or sculpt a snowman out of big orc with the help of magic and those golden hands (option for the good Wizards!)
  • This weapon is unique, no wizard has such hands!


  • It is a pity that they can not revive friends or kill a dragon with a single blow... Although there are thousand ways!
  • It is so useless.