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Weapon Information
Game Description: Goblin-crafted equipment generally isn't worth bothering with. There are however some exceptions, like these fine pieces, prized by goblin commanders.
Damage: Low Physical
Special: Fast
Location: Chapter 2: Dropped by the goblin commander when slain at the fight with a goblin war band by the river.

The High Quality Goblin Dirk is a melee weapon that is dropped by the Goblin Hood and Goblin Shaman.


  • It has a fast attack, good for start.


  • Better than some starting weapons.
  • High Quality Goblin Dirk!
  • Commonly Found/Droped.


  • It's about as effective as a large thumbtack.
  • It is tainted with evil, as denoted by its dark, wavy blade.
  • Even at the time of receipt, there are already several more good candidates, as Sword of the Masters, lying near the place of battle with the Goblin Hood.