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Weapon Information
Holy Divider.jpg
Game Description: A blade which can cleave a man in two, forged by a very tenacious dwarf. Given away for no apparent reason.
Damage: High physical
Special: Slow, Armour Piercing
Location: Chapter 11: After defeating the dwarven army, there is a Secret location where the wizard is given this sword with no reason.


Thanks to its Amour Piercing capability, will hit enemies with a hand held shield twice dealing 2674 damage.


  • Does very high damage: 1337 dmg/hit, ~1 hit/sec.
  • Damages armored enemies
  • 1337 damage!


  • Is often too slow to hit faster enemies, such as Goblins


  • The name of the sword, and the scene showing how the player acquires it, is a reference to the song Holy Diver from Dio.
  • The amount of damage it does, 1337, is short for a style of typing called leet that uses numbers and symbols.