Hrolf enters the fort.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction City Watch
Location Boring Bay outpost, Midgård
(Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace)
(Chapter 7: Return to Castle Aldrheim)

Hávindr, Midgård
(Chapter 5: Hávindr Strikes Back)
Appearances Magicka

Hrolf is a character featured in Magicka.


Hrolf is a guard for the city of Hávindr.

He may appear towards the end of Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace, after the forest troll Ygg attacks the outpost. If Captain Bjorn is killed, then Hrolf will rush into the fort and lament his death before directing the wizards towards the city of Hávindr.

A guard named Hrolf also appears during Chapter 5: Hávindr Strikes Back, after the goblin attack on the city has been repelled. When the King expresses a desire to counterattack, Hrolf states that it would be impossible with such few men. The King agrees, and suggests that instead they send some easily manipulated wizards ahead to weaken enemy lines.

Hrolf also appears in Chapter 7: Return to Castle Aldrheim, in which he can be found guarding the outpost alongside Arnvid, another guard. When the wizards approach, Hrolf directs the wizards towards the Járn Mines. When Arnvid asks what he said to them, he admits that the mines are dangerous and he lied to the wizards.


  • In Hrolf's second appearance, he is standing between the King and a large hole. While speaking, he claims that an attack would be madness. This is a reference to the 2007 movie 300, where Xerxes' messenger says "madness" and gets kicked into a hole.
  • After the King goes into the tent, the player is able to push Hrolf into the hole. Doing this will earn them the This is Magicka! achievement.
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