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Max Hitpoints 7000
Species Human
Appearances Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6
Weaknesses ?
Regeneration 0
Speed 4
Score Value 2200

First encountered in Havindr, these Wizards are loyal followers of Grimnir.

They have about 7000 hitpoints, due to the Staff of War they are carrying. Disciples are easy to beat when they are immobilized. Try a (Cold (R)Arcane (S)) beam, followed by a (SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)Arcane (S))

They also tend to be useless when imprisoned in a dome shield (multiplayer only).

Attempting to one-hit them is pointless, either keep the pressure on with damage over time elements (Fire (F)) like , or use thunderbolts.

If they shoot the (Arcane (S)) beam, counter immediately with any (Shield (E)). This will buy you some time, especially if you follow up with (Cold (R)Arcane (S))

Thunderbolt also makes the first encounter with one, a stupidly easy fight.