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Staves[edit | edit source]

Item Notes/Description: Reference to:
Staff of Fire "Through the fire and flames" -- 100% guaranteed. (The staff, that is.) "Through the fire and flames" - A song by the Power Metal band "DragonForce". Listen Here
Staff of Invisibility Once upon a time, the oldest and greediest wizards of the Order crafted this staff in secrecy. Stock Phrase for story telling. It is also a direct reference to how Sauron crafted the one ring in The Lord Of The Ring, and what its powers are.
Staff of the White Wizard Lord of the Rings, Tribute to Gandalf the White, particularly in the battle for Helm's Deep
Tesla Staff Tribute to Electrical Engineer Nikola Tesla.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Item Notes/Description: Reference to:
Arcane Saber Tribute to the lightsabers in Star Wars
Blade of Surt Named after Surt, 'the giant with a flaming sword' (Norse)
Crowbar Tribute to the infamous Crowbar in Half-Life
Excalibur The sword King Arthur received after he broke the actual sword in the stone. (English)
Exotic Blade Connor MacLeod's Sword from the Highlander Series
Gram The sword that Sigurd used to defeat the dragon Fafnir (Norse)
Gungnir The spear of Odin. (Norse)
Holy Divider Holy Diver, a heavy metal song and album by Dio

Each strike with the sword deals 1337 damage. 1337 is from internet phenomenon of using numbers instead of letters. It translatest to 'Leet' which in turn is short of "Elite".

Knife of Counter-Striking Counter-Strike, melee weapon. The haste effect is a reference to the fact that you run faster with the knife in counter strike.
M60 Rambo (Just watch that epic pose and guitar wail when you pick it up)
Mace of the Molten Core World of Warcraft, Molten Core raid.
Mjölner Thor's Hammer (Norse)
Morgul Blade Lord of the Rings, Nazgûl weapon
Ring of the Phantom The Phantom (Comic)
Sausage on Stick Seen in various loading screen pictures, usually the object of desire for the wizards.
Seaward Spear A reference to the Skyward Spear
Sharp Blade Wizard's Hat DLC The instruction reads "stick them with the pointy end". In Game of Thrones novel by George Martin, Lord Eddard Stark asks his daughter if she knows what is the first thing about swordfighting and she replies "stick them with the pointy end". Also, Antonio Banderas replies with something similar to this, when Anthony Hopkins asks him "Do you know how to use that thing?" in The Mask of Zorro.
Skyward Spear Upcoming game: Legend of Zelda, Skyward Sword
Stung Stung refers to the sword "Sting" in Lord of the Rings. It is found next to two skeletons (Frodo and Sam) and a pan near a cave entrance blocked by boulders and covered in spider webs (Shelob's Lair).
Sword of the Masters This is a tribute to the Master Sword of Zelda fame.
Tyrfing Magic sword (Norse)
Warhammer Warhammer