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Patch Notes
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(January 14, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(January 28, 2014 Wizard Wars)


  • Improved pre-round peer sync and disconnect handling. Speedier pre-round stuffs!
  • Rewritten network interface to use explicit connections. Should lead to somewhat improved connectivity.


  • Fixed freezing caused by faulty default load-outs in new accounts.
  • Rewrote Founder's Robe string to fit into text boxes in all resolutions. How long is a piece of string? About big enough to fit into a text box!
  • Added the correct sounds to imp weapons. They now sound as they should whilst adorably chewing on your elbow.
  • No more knockdowns when invulnerable.
  • A few crashes now result in error-codes instead. Less CTD's, more animals.
  • Fixed a bug where the store and/or owned items would sometimes not appear. The Wizard in charge of the store has completed his 12 step program and now shows up to work on time.

General Tweaks/Changes

  • Fixes to shields reflector handling of beams.
  • Divided random Elemental Crystal drop chance by 4. Maths yo!
  • Adding telemetry upon essence reward.
  • Imp now has astronomer hat. He now sports the finest in this season's Wizard/Imp-crossover millinery.
  • Reduced package size by removing redundant package content. Smaller packages, size isn't everything!


  • Extended mouse button support. Those of you with your eleventeen button gaming mice will be pleased.
  • Cursor intersecting HUD no longer interrupts holding down move button.
  • Play unique sound when entering lobby. Escher is THIS happy
  • New sounds for selecting and interacting with magicks.
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