Patch Notes
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(January 25, 2011)
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(January 27, 2011)

Bugs Fixed[]

  • Multiple move orders with delays will now properly stop during the delay.
  • Steam usernames longer than 15 characters will now be shortened instead of crashing.
  • The errorReport in the application directory now also contains a version numbers.
  • Server lists can now be properly scrolled.
  • Fixed a bug when displaying an already disposed server in server listing which caused a crash.
  • Path names are now region safe.
  • Chapter 6 Scene 4 (Grimnir mind duel) now spawns the correct amount of spawns.
  • Removed VAC option, all online games now use VAC.
  • Improved cutscene-skip in Chapter 2 Scene 2.
  • Improved cutscene-skip in Chapter 3 Scene 3.
  • Checkpoint added in Chapter 6 Scene 5 (Grimnir boss fight).
  • Added keyboard binding for cast self (default middle mouse button)
  • Statuseffect desync crash fixed.
  • Animation time desync crash fixed.

Features added[]

  • Cancel button added to gamepad configuration popup.
  • Icon added for break free action.
  • Icon added for boost action.
  • Icon added for magic action.