Jofrid outside her home.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction None
Location Farm north of Castle Aldrheim, Midgård
(Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace)

Veiditorp, Midgård
(Chapter 2: Attack of the Goblins)
Appearances Magicka

Jofrid is the name of numerous characters featured in Magicka.


Jofrid can be encountered during Chapter 1: The Fancy Menace, shortly after the wizards depart from Castle Aldrheim. North of the castle the wizards come across her farm and may notice her due to the glowing exclamation mark above her head. She informs the wizards of a rat problem in her basement, and requests that the wizards clear them out. However, her farm is attacked at that moment by goblins and the wizards instead repel them. Afterwards she states that her rat problem seems insignificant compared to a goblin attack, and that she'd give them gold but the game doesn't have a proper inventory system.

A woman named Jofrid also appears during Chapter 2: Attack of the Goblins. When the wizards are passing through the village of Veiditorp, she can be found standing around the campfire alongside Edgar, Harald and Thorhild. When the village is attacked by goblins, the villagers flee into their homes.


  • Jofrid's first appearance is a reference to the typical starting quests in role-playing games, as rats are often one of the first enemies encountered. The exclamation mark above her head is a reference to its frequent use in games to designate a quest-giver; however, Jofrid complains about the exclamation mark following her around.