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Jormungandr lunge.png
Species Unique
Appearances A giant snake
Weaknesses Element shield.png+Element earth.png, or grease
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Jormungandr is the boss of Chapter Two and he resides in Fornskogur Forest in his lair.


Jormungandr has only three attacks:

  • A direct bite (when a wizard is close to him)
  • A poison spit attack (when all wizards are out of the bite's range).
  • Random Tackles (When his health drops below 50%, no way to predict the trajectory)

He is perhaps the easiest boss to fight alone. Also is very fun to fight in a 4 player team.

If you want fun, use Earth (D)Shield (E) every time he attempts a bite (area cast when he tackles).

If you're in a hurry, prepare a Earth (D)IceIceIceIce to hit while his head is on ground lever before a bite attack.