Patch Notes
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(June 22, 2011)
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(November 15, 2011)


  • Added to camera tracking an influence towards enemies in the immediate vicinity.
  • Added Polish localization.
  • If any versus game has one or less players it will automatically end.
  • Added an ethereal state to newly respawned players in versus mode.
  • Added two new achievements


  • Versus network games now properly synchronize spawn positions, this prevents characters from spawning in the same position during a Krietor mode reset.
  • When local players are dead the camera will now instead track network players.
  • Characters charging during a Krietor mode reset are now properly reset to an idle state.
  • Fixed an issue where if in a rare situation a necromancer area casted with both poison and earth elements a crash would occur.
  • Fixed an issue where a NPC (ie daemon lord) would drop an item which had not been cached, resulting in a crash.
  • Self shields are now correctly removed when casting invisibility.
  • Earth projectiles now gain some deviation on its trajectory whenever they destroy targets.
  • Added some stability to game start.
  • Adjusted self casted projectile spells position and direction.
  • Improved fire efficiency greatly.
  • Magick and Item packs are now properly hidden in lobby when Krietor’s Tourney is selected.
  • Fixed a bug where characters casting a spell with their weapons while being feared would not properly reset the spell effect.
  • Fixed the movement influence on avatars when they are feared.
  • Krietor versus mode will now properly remove an active Meteorshower magick when it resets.
  • Nullify will now affect every entity, independent of distance.