Even though wizards mainly cast spells using their staff, all wizards carry around another weapon in their other hand. Weapons in Magicka 2 range from useful to comical and have a variety of different uses. Each wizard starts with a Wizard Sword but can find different weapons to suit their needs while exploring Midgård. After a weapon has been unlocked by the player, the weapon can be set as the default weapon under the equipment screen on the main menu. Wizards start levels and are revived with their default weapon.

Weapons that have an element listed under special deal additional damage of that element while striking with that weapon and apply elemental effects such as burning or wet when applicable. Those weapons listed with life damage heal who they strike.

List of Unlockable Weapons[]

Weapon image Weapon Name Location Physical Damage Special
Cheese Slicer Prologue - Defeat the Cheese King Low Low Death Damage
Training Sword Prologue - Listening to and completing all of Timmy the Training Dummy's instructions Less than Medium None
Mallet Chapter 1 - Found near the Wack-a-Wizard tent on bananas difficulty or higher High Causes Knockdown
Backstabber Chapter 2 Medium Low Cold Damage
Ghost Sword Chapter 3 - Finding and solving the Crystal Puzzle Low Medium Death Damage
Hunk o' Meat Chapter 3 - Opening the chest in the encounter with the radio Low Low Fire Damage
Yummy Carrot Chapter 4 - Located within the carrot patch just before exiting the cave Medium Medium Life Damage
Boquet of Flowers Chapter 7 - Located next to the dead body near the wooden spikes Minimal Medium Life Damage
Hel Axe Chapter 7 - Activating the Dark Altar and defeating Karog of Hel Low Medium Fire Damage
Meat Carver Chapter 7 - Successfully defend the Kebab Cart High None
Chainsword Chapter 8 - Dropped by the blacksmith after the fight at the pub High None
Otherworldly Staff Chapter 8 - Activating the Dark Altar and defeating the swarm of crabs and poison spitters Low Medium Death Damage
Stale Cinnamon Bun Chapter 8 - Found in a chest in a field High Tastier, but less harmful when Wet
Scythe Chapter 9 - Located in a chest in a secret passageway Medium Low Cold Damage
Wood Axe Chapter 2 Between the burning buildings just before the end of the chapter. Medium None
Wizard Sword Default Weapon Medium None