Weapon Information
Game Description: The M60 is a weapon built by Dunderhaed master-blacksmith Angus, who crafted it out of a paper-clip and a shotgun. It is a strange contraption with too many moving parts, and is far too complex to be part of a fantasy game.
Damage: Low Ranged
Special: Fast, Unaffected by Time Warp, Zero Damage vs. Frozen Targets
Location: Chapter 3: Protect all of the houses in Dunderhaed from Jotunn and his Beastman attack.

Upon defeating Jotunn and his beastman hordes, if you succeeded in saving all of the houses in the aptly-named village of Dunderhaed, the mayor will present you with the M60 as a reward for so flawlessly protecting their homes.

Arguably one of the more powerful weapons in the game, the M60 makes short work of low-health mobs, and can be maintained and swept over enemies like a Beam Spell. It also works very well against enemy Wizards with Self-Cast Shield up, as the force of the attack quickly drains their shields and hits them with massive knock-back.

However, it deals very little damage to armored foes, and does no damage to victims which have been frozen. Additionally, in regards to pairing with Enchantment Spells, the Wizard (that's you!) continues to swing it like an enormous club.

The M60 differs from the the M60 found in Magicka: Vietnam, in that the Magicka: Vietnam version of the weapon allows the player to crouch, while the M60 in Chapter 3 does not.


  • Master-Blacksmith Angus is a reference to TV-hero Angus MacGyver, whose claim to fame is his ability to build fantastic solutions to problems using only everyday items. The reference is, in itself, a joke as well, as MacGyver was also known for his aversion to guns.
  • The M60 itself, the pose the Wizard strikes when acquiring it, and the achievement First Blood are all references to the movie character John Rambo. The achievement name is also the name of the first movie in which this character appeared.
  • According to a developer interview, the M60 inspired Magicka: Vietnam.