Magicka: Dungeons and Daemons is a DLC that brings players to a completely new location without leaving the comfort of their home. Literally, as players will be venturing into the dungeons of Castle Aldrheim to defeat what is possibly the hardest boss there is.

Official Info from Steam Page[]

Something stirs beneath Castle Aldrheim…

Deep in the sub-dungeons, long forgotten by the Wizards, the demented ancestors of the Aldrheim Order have awoken an ancient evil. The fate of the world has yet again fallen on the shoulders of our haphazard and colorful wizards. Will the Wizards survive as they stumble upon Aldrheim’s most secret of secrets?

Explore never before seen places in the fantastical world of Magicka. Test your mettle against new enemies and try to avoid getting slime all over your robes. Where does that even come from? It’s everywhere! If we could reveal the super-secret hard mode, it would attract even the most battle-hardened wizards. Unfortunately, it’s a secret, so we can’t talk about it.

Things to know[]

This challenge can be played by 1-4 players and introduces several new achievements. It consists of a large dungeon with various monsters with the final boss being the Wurstmacher. There are two new monsters in this challenge - one is a fiery goblin wielding a blaze sword while the other is a Slime (name unconfirmed). There are four main levels in this challenge: The Sub-Dungeons, the Library, the Courtyard and the boss room.

Note that you are not playing your original characters from the campaign and the DLC The Stars are Left, as evidenced that you don't have a beard. Well, they are still stuck in R'lyeh...


The game starts with Vlad telling of how he "heroically" "saved" Midgard from certain doom by defeating Cthulhu (jerk). The wizards have decided to throw a great party in his honour, but just like the party 20 years ago they have once again run out of cheese. They've sent someone down to the dungeons to get some but they haven't returned, so the Headmaster decides to send the people with the fancy robes down to see what's the matter.

Cellar: Sub-Dungeons[]

The game then throws you into the cellar of the castle and you start off with only one magick, Revive, this time. You will first encounter some fire goblins, who will set you on fire with their sword and are also very resistant to damage (even the trusty SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) barely does any damage). Of course, logically they take more damage from cold, so it is suggested you incorporate that into your spells.

The next room is where you will find macaroons/cheese, but also Mort'en lying on the floor with lots of blood by his side. Turns out, an evil daemon known as the Wurstmacher has dragged off everyone else and left him for dead. Vlad then magically appears (if he can do that why can't he come down?) and tells you that you will need to defeat this Wurstmacher and avenge the fallen. Mort'en he will "take care" of. If you kill Mort'en though, he will respond with a disappointed "Oh. What a waste." and disappear.

The next area is filled with more fiery goblins, as well as regular goblins, wizard goblins and also a few orcs. This area might prove challenging, but an important thing to note is to always be safe Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Shield (E) + Self and kill the goblin wizards first, as their Nullify and water bolts make them have an extremely high annoyance value. It might be worth picking up the goblins' Frost Cleaver as it could be handy later on. The rest of the level is much of the same; use any spells that you like to dispatch of the goblins, orcs and other enemies until you come to a room with a lever/pulley/turnstile. Once you activate it, rats will come out. Eek! Actually, there's no need for panic, as they have extremely low HP and even a basic spell such as AoE Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S) will take care of them quickly. Once you've done away with the rats, backtrack a bit and you'll see that a previously unlocked gate has opened, allowing you into the next level.

Old Library: A Forgotten Storage For Books[]

The old library features mainly goblins and wizard goblins, as well as some orcs. Again, use the same methods you used in the last area to dispatch of the, but be warned that the numerous bookshelves along with the larger amount of goblin wizards can make this an even bigger challenge. Try not to get yourself trapped in a corner. Seriously, don't. The best way to dispatch of them is to use either the Super Steam Beam (Force/Area/Weapon cast SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)) or the Arcane Lightning Shields (Weapon cast IceIceLightning (A)Shield (E)Arcane (S)). You will reach a big pit, and it might be worthwhile turning left and grabbing the Haste spellbook before heading down.

The next portion of the map features orcs, but note that due to the very enclosed space as well as more obstacles you can easily become trapped (again, take note: DO NOT GET YOURSELF TRAPPED.). However, you can use the narrow openings to your advantage, casting some high damage AoE spells or walls of fire/frost/flame/arcane/lightning. At least they'll all huddle around. There is a checkpoint here, so be sure to grab that. You'll need it. Head on around and you'll see some more orcs, as well as a troll. At least it's a bigger space now, so feel free to use some more powerful spells. After defeating the troll, the very top corner will have a Sacrificial Dagger, which is the same one is the swords the Cultists wield in Magicka: The Stars Are Left. There is also a door near the dagger that can be destroyed, inside there is a staff called Grandfathers Clock. Then you will find that you have eventually looped back to (almost) where you started, because of a suspiciously convenient blockage. There will be some final goblins here, but they should prove no problem as they're standing right next to a pit, so just use Push (Right click) and knock them into the abyss. Behind you is a staircase blocked by some fallen wood, so use either Fire (F) or Earth (D) to blow it up and continue.

The next area features another new enemy, the slime (name still unconfirmed). They will duplicate into four smaller versions of themselves once they are 'killed', so again watch out as their increasingly large numbers can overwhelm you. Oh, and there's a goblin wizard too, because. Anyway, after you killed the slimes, you might want to head up through a narrow crack into a semi-secret area, where you'll see a dead...something with a sword, The Riddle of Steel. If you walk too close to it, though, some undead will appear behind you. remember they take damage from Life and heal from Arcane, so some healing mines Life (W)Shield (E) or healing walls Life (W)IceShield (E) should kill them all. Well, not really, since they're dead in the first place. However, onto the next area, the Courtyard.


This is the last level of Dungeons and Daemons before you reach the boss. Once you enter, head left/up to grab a Staff of endurance (minor increased resistances) which you'll likely need. Then move inwards to another closed door and also some fire. Behind the fire is the pulley to open the door, so either put out the flames with Water(Q) or cast Fire (F)Shield (E) on yourself before barging in. For this entire part keep the previous levels advice and spells in mind (Final note: DO NOT GET YOURSELF TRAPPED! Some of the areas are larger but the number of enemies are sometimes larger as well). The Arcane Lightning Shield (Weapon cast IceIceLightning (A)Shield (E)Arcane (S)) I found to be my best friend for destroying mass enemies in tight spaces such as doors. Always be SAFE ( Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Shield (E) + Self) when using it though and try to keep away with Haste you picked up last level. Once the door is opened, you will come into an intersection with four doors and a well with a skeleton sitting on it. Now, be careful not to - you knocked the skeleton down, didn't you? Oh well, at least it got the door opened - or rather, smashed by a troll. Its worth noting that to the left of the well after opening the doors there is a weapon called inherited body parts just inside. Inherited body parts is ranged tiny AoE poison & arcane weapon that attacks slow so be aware of its limits.

As you go further in there will be quite a few more mortar trolls and armored orcs. Things will often get difficult as fiery horned goblins and shamans join in so take things slow. Part way through the room is a bridge, use it like the doors to group your enemies for spells. To the left of it where a mortar troll sits, is a teacher's staff, handy versus the wizard goblins but not much use for other threats. Be careful as you reach the other side of this bridge as both ghouls and later on a wave of fiery goblins march up behind you from it. Take them out first is my advise so you have more room to retreat to if needed once you draw the attention of the mob ahead. The next group has a Beholder and a wild goblin shaman along with trolls, goblin wizards & plenty more goblin varieties you've seen already. There is an abyssal staff to the right that is easily noticeable which isn't bad for damage but tricky to use as well until the fiery goblins are deposed of, since they heal from it. Lastly there is a 5 layer door but don't try to open it until your prepared for hell, cause once you click that pulley to the right its no going back. As the doors go down a huge wave of almost all enemies in the room so far, swarm in from behind to stop you, soon filling the entirety of your bottom left screen. Best to try and survive until the doors go down & run but even that is tough so be aware you might die often attempting this section. Once you've gone through its to the boss fight with Wurstmacher.


When you start the fight, the wurstmacher is chopping meats in the center of a rectangular room. The arena has one meat grinder at each corner that spins unless the wurstmacher walks/runs into it. There are also two doors that continuously spawn armored goblins, bomb goblins, orcs, armored orcs, firey goblins.

The Wurstmacher has some attacks phases: throw grease, fire stomp, charge/run at you, grab and eat player, chop/cleave, and walk toward you. The Wurstmacher is immune to fire, continuously heals 119hp per second, Immune to water (cannot be frozen), Immune to knockback.

Techniques to beat the Wurstmacher include:

  • having him walk/charge into the meat grinders in the corners (takes out about 1/4 of his hp). This is effective only if you get all 4 in a short period of time otherwise he will heal it back.
  • hiding behind a stopped meat grinder that the Wurstmacher can't fit through while throwing ice rocks (ice, rock, rock, rock, rock)
  • using arcane bombs to disburse the waves of minions
  • use rock fire wards (shield, rock, fire + self) to make yourself immune to the grease fires, his knock back, and some minion attack; or you could use fire resistant robes (ie. Flamos robes) to make yourself immune/healed by fire