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Magicka: Marshlands is a DLC containing a single survival challenge map set in a marsh setting featuring lots of Zombies. It was released on April 26, 2011 for the price of USD $1.99, along with the release of the Magicka: Caverns DLC which was patched free to all owners of Magicka.

As with the base game, Magicka: Marshlands requires activation with Steam even if purchased from non-Steam distribution channels.


See main article Marshlands.


Magicka: Marshlands and Magicka: Caverns are new DLCs announced by Paradox on April 20, 2011, featuring the new Marshlands Survival Challenge and Caverns Survival Challenge maps with swarms of enemies. Paradox conducted a poll on Facebook lasting 24 hours, allowing fans to decide which of the two challenge map will be given free to owners of Magicka, while the other will have a retail price of USD $1.99. The poll concluded with the majority vote that Magicka: Caverns will be provided free on April 26, 2011.[1]

Paradox has released a video giving a sneak peak of both of these challenge maps:


Magicka: Caverns and Magicka: Marshlands are well received since both maps average out to the cheap price of USD $1 each.


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