The Stars Are Left campaign of Magicka is an addon adventure set in a fantasy world where wizards wield vast elemental powers capable of destroying the world. Inspired by themes from horror novels by the author H.P Lovecraft, the adventure calls upon the heroes of the past to help against another terrible evil once again, this time in the form of a cult in Fornskogur Village summoning new unearthly monsters in worship of the second coming of C'thulhu. A full playthrough will typically last 2-3 hours on the first attempt, and around half that on subsequent attempts.

The Stars Are Left is a DLC released on November 29th 2011.


Things You Should Know[]

The Revive Fairy circling around the player in Chapter 1.

The Stars Are Left DLC is divided into 3 chapters. It is known for its higher difficulty level compared to the original Magicka adventure. Players who are trying to beat the adventure solo (i.e single player) can obtain a revive fairy if they activate the checkpoint in Chapter 1, right outside of the Magicka Academy after crossing the bridge. This fairy will revive you upon your first death, giving you a chance to continue, after which she will vanish until you reach the next checkpoint. The only penalty from this is that the player will no longer be able to earn the Steam Achievements "Breezed Through", "Handling the Frustation", and "Driven Mad", which requires the player to beat each chapter of The Stars Are Left without dying at all.

The revive fairy is not available in multiplayer. As such, any deaths without the revive fairy will result in loss of progress and the game will restart from the last checkpoint you have reached, much like the original Magicka adventure. However, should you decide to quit the game and exit to the main menu, your progress in the current chapter will resume from the last checkpoint you reached. This means you do NOT have to play the entire chapter all over again should you decide to quit partway.

Certain items in The Stars Are Left DLC can only be found by using the Detective Robes. It is recommended to switch to the Detective Robes to obtain the secret items, as the skin's description suggests.

New Magicks[]

Below is a list of Magicks exclusive to The Stars Are Left DLC:

Name Cast this Comment
Tractor Pull Earth (D)Arcane (S)
This causes objects and enemies to be sucked into you, almost exactly the inverse effect of the AoE air push. This is obtained at the same spot as the Staff of the White Wizard in Chapter 1 of the original adventure. Hit the Tree with a boulder and it will fall down.
Levitation SteamArcane (S)Steam
Allows you to float over ground and water, but not over long gaps. Found in Chapter 2 on a boat deep in the middle of the lake in Outsmouth just southeast of the village docks.
Chain Lightning Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Sends out a large horizontal lightning bolt forwards, shocking additional enemies nearby. Similiar to the spell version but has a longer range and higher damage. Found by opening one of the gates in Chapter 2 before the uphill trail to the village using Detective Robes.
Propp's Party Plasma Fire (F)SteamArcane (S)
Launches a spiraling plasma nuke which causes high arcane-fire damage in a small area somewhere in front of the caster. It is found in Veiditorp in Chapter 2 after talking to the man by the fire. He will tell you to collect it from the shop lady at the crashed goblin ship, as long as you don't piss him off and stop talking to him at the right moment.
Portal SteamLightning (A)Shield (E)
Allows you to make a blue and an orange portal that teleport anything that touches them to the other. Cast once for each opening of the portal in the desired location. Obtained in Chapter 3 near one of the upper right ledges while exploring R'lyeh, but can only be accessed from the other side during the quest.


There are 3 chapters in the expansion. These are:

  • Chapter One - A Shadow Over Aldrheim
  • Chapter Two - The Fornskogur Horror
  • Chapter Three - The Nightmare Corpse-city of R'lyeh

Chapter One - A Shadow Over Aldrheim[]

Magick book for Tractor Pull in a tree.

Obtaining Cthulhu's Cursed Sword at Baelig's Gravestone in Chapter 1 using Detective Robes.

The story begins with the wizards, now old and retired, enjoying a drink outside Aldrheim Castle. Vlad then appears, reporting suspicious activity and lack of fish supplies coming from the small Village of Outsmouth near Fornskogur Forest, which (apparently) warrants your investigation.

Immediately after the conversation, you may obtain the Magick book for Tractor Pull and Cthulhu's Cursed Sword before moving to the next areas. After defeating a series of Goblins, Orcs and Trolls on the way northward, you will reach the first boss: Parker, Lord of the Underworld.

Parker, Lord of the Underworld

Parker is a giant spider that was originally intended for the original Magicka adventure in chapter 8, behind the mysterious rubble. He is now the main boss of Chapter 1. His main attack is to spit cobwebs to immobilize you, and then move in to bite you for an instant kill. Between attempts, he will summon smaller spiders to attack you.

Combat tips:

  1. Whenever you are stuck in cobwebs, immediately cast Fire (F) on yourself to burn off the cobwebs. It is highly suggested to cast a Fire (F)Shield (E) fire shield on yourself to prevent damage while escaping this way.
  2. If you cannot react fast enough, you can cast a Shield (E)Earth (D) wall of any kind in front of you to make him bite a rock instead of you while escaping.
  3. Since he has no immunities, any number of fire-based or projectile based spells such as Fire (F)Earth (D)Arcane (S),Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Shield (E) SAFE Mines,Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) and Earth (D)IceIceIceIce will work well. Moving around in close quarters with Shift+SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S) will help wipe out the smaller spiders as well as damaging him.

Killing Parker will get the "No Power = No Responsibility" achievement.

How to kill him with no danger at all:

  1. Cast a simple shield Shield (E) in front of you, charge it hitting space repeatedly. If he is too close, the shield will wear off, step back and shield again
  2. Enchant your weapon with IceShield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
  3. Press agains the shield, and hit (shift+left mouse button). This will throw a straight line of ice picks with electricity on the other side of the shield (you can do this with any shape of shield). Electricity will hit the shield to, keep pressing space to charge it.
  4. Repeat step 2 and 3 until he dies. Your only worry is to keep the shield up. And time the spawning of the small spiders. If you throw the spell when they spawn, they will instantly die.

Chapter Two - The Fornskogur Horror[]

The newly summoned Shoggoth, next to the cultists.

Talk to Edgar in Veiditorp near the fire until he offers Propp's Party Plasma.

This gate could be opened with Detective Robes to obtain Chain Lightning.

The Levitation Magick, on a boat just off the Outsmouth docks.

With the giant spider Parker dead, the wizards travel through the moist caves, emerging at the outskirts of Veiditorp many hours later, while day has turned into night. The first thing they see is a group of Cultists summoning a mysterious abomination in the middle of a wheat field.

While both threats need to be dealt with, the priority target is the abomination, known as a Shoggoth, with 35000HP, and absorbing physical damage, such as Earth (D).

  1. Cast an Arcane (S)Shield (E) arcane shield to negate the damage of the cultists kiting you from range with their purple bombs.
  2. Keep both threats out of melee range. Otherwise, the cultists will slash you with a poison sword and the Shoggoth will instantly eat you, much like a Snow Troll.
  3. A combination of Cold (R)Lightning (A)Shield (E) and SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S) will help keep the Shoggoth subdued.

Option 2:

  1. Your priority are ranged first, always, in any game.
  2. Something that will help you almost with anything: cast Earth (D)Water(Q) (as many Water(Q) as you see fit) to wet as many as you can
  3. Then bombard repeatedly with Arcane (S)Earth (D)Cold (R) (it's really fast if you pres SDF - right mouse button one after the other)

You will freeze them, which gives you time to keep on shooting the frozen arcane ball, which will keep them frozen, or switch to any ray with cold.

After mowing through a small band of goblins, you will reach the gate to Veiditorp, which appears to be locked but will open anyway. You may talk to Edgar at the fire until he gets annoyed and offers you the Magick book for Propp's Party Plasma (Fire (F)SteamArcane (S)), and then DO NOT speak with him any further afterwards. The book itself can be obtained by then talking to the lady who runs the shop inside the crashed goblin ship to the right of Gram's Workshop.

Venturing further into Fornskogur Forest will introduce the Enderman (Minecraft reference) and more cultists along with their frog minions known as Deep Ones. The Enderman are capable of teleporting next to you and will attempt to eat you instantly, whereas the Deep Ones will spray you with water, rendering you wet and unable to use lightning unless you dry yourself with fire (Fire (F)). Heading north from this juncture with Detective Robes will allow you to open the gate to obtain the Magick book Chain Lightning (Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) sitting at the altar just at the bottom of the mountain before the uphill trail.

EXPLOIT: Its also possible to launch yourself over the gate with mines getting the book that way. Cast Arcane (S)Shield (E) on yourself and then face away from the gate and place the mines in front of you (Arcane (S)Shield (E)) and slowly walk over them. you will have to protect yourself with Shield (E) when you fall down to prevent falling to youre death.

Crossing the bridge will lead to the village of Outsmouth, where Vlad will suggest inspecting the village thoroughly. The Levitation Magick book SteamArcane (S)Steam can be found on a boat in the middle of the lake next to the wooden docks. After that use levitation and go to the right of the lake, there is a green thingy on the rocks. Get it, it's Umi's Trident that allows you to conjure lighting while wet. Lighting the campfire just outside the town hall will result in the 2nd boss fight, as a Starspawn named Dagon will come crashing down.

Dagon, Fishmaster of the Seven Seagulls

Dagon is a Starspawn, a recurring end game boss in The Stars Are Left, capable of dealing massive damage. He will primarily start by raising his hand and screaming, which will call down a shooting star that can instantly kill you. The rest of the time will be devoted to chasing you down in attempts to transform you into a cultist with a purple spell, and flying at you if necessary to close the gap.

Combat tips:

  1. The golden rule is to STAY AWAY FROM HIM. Cast Haste Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F) at the start of the battle; you're going to need it constantly to dodge him and that insta-kill shooting star, among other things. A safe way to deal with it is to cast Shield (E) on self. It will knock you down, remove the shield, but you will survive.
  2. If he flies at you, get away from his landing spot. His landing alone deals crushing AoE damage that could cost you your life. You can cast Shield (E) as a zone spell, creating a bubble arround you, he will hit the shield and deviate.
  3. Use one of the best combination, enchant the weapon with IceShield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A), and then shift-left button to throw it. Keep your distance, it is better if you cast Shield (E)Lightning (A) to protect you from the lightning, wich if you get close, might kill you.
  4. Keeping him constantly chilled will help.

OR, the simple exploit:

Drown him in the lake. Cast Haste Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F) AND your newly obtained Levitation SteamArcane (S)Steam, then kite him to the edge of the wooden docks and run off into the water. It is possible to get him to chase you off the dock such that he drowns in the lake, while you remain floating over it with Levitation. Alternatively, you can freeze the lake with Cold (R), lure him onto the lake, then melt the ice with a fireball Earth (D)Fire (F).

Killing Dagon will get the "From whence you came..." achievement.

Shortly after the fight, the unbeatable Dagon will retreat to the town hall entrance, only to suck you into a portal back to his realm: The Nightmare Corpse-city of R'lyeh.

Chapter Three - The Nightmare Corpse-city of R'lyeh[]

A map of the main hall in R'yleh.

Picture of an Elder Thing.

Once Dagon has teleported you, head down the stairs. You will stop in front of a door as Vlad explains what has happened. You are now trapped in the Nightmare Corpse City of R'yleh, and you must set things "left" by defeating Cthulhu. Begin by standing to the right side of the path and fire a life beam (Life (W)) into the mirror so that it lowers the giant wall in your way.

To reach the boss Cthulhu, you must solve the 4 puzzle rooms to reach his watery lair.

  1. Remove the Tentacles (bottom left room)
  2. Turning on the Water (upper left room)
  3. Open the Door (middle right room)
  4. Extend the Bridge (bottom right room) **Optional**

While the rooms do not have to be done in any particular order, turning on the water (2) before opening the door (3) will provide a river for the player to freeze and walk over, if they did not obtain the Levitate Spell (SteamArcane (S)Steam). The Portal spell book will be on the upper right side of the map, but can only be reached from the other side via the middle right room from the main hall.

Before you proceed, you may want to deal with the tentacled floating creature in the centre of the main hall, called an Elder Thing. While it is not aggressive and will teleport away from the player if they get too close, it is immune to ALL attacks except Earth, and will cast Confuse if the player attempts to cast Earth (Earth (D)), causing the player's movement and spells to be reversed, which can be fatal. However, there are still ways to deal with it:

  1. Spray it off a cliff with water (Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)). It can still be pushed or knocked back, despite taking zero damage.
  2. Bounce it up in the air with arcane mines (Shield (E)Arcane (S)). It still takes falling damage. Adding elements to the mines yields the same result.
  3. Enchant sword with ice (IceIceIceIceIce) and attack while keeping your distance.
  4. Cast an earth shield on yourself (Shield (E)Earth (D)), then run over them personally with Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)). They will be knocked down, allowing you some time to cast a meteorite (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)) on them.
  5. Or simply charge meteorite (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)) while not facing them, then turn around and cast on them.

Tip WARNING: You will face Dagon the Starspawn after solving two rooms. Removing the Elder Thing before this fight occurs is recommended.

Path #1: Removing the Tentacles[]

This area is by far the easiest one. Head to the lower left and take the curvy path down to the cave opening. After Vlad pops in and wakes up the horde of monsters by yelling across the hall, Deep Ones and Shoggoths will greet you from the hall openings. Simply fight your way to the switch and turn it on with a life beam or AoE life spell (Life (W)). Throwing up rock walls (Shield (E)Earth (D)) at the openings and slowing any that get by the walls with cold (Cold (R)) will buy you enough time to make it a simple in-and-out operation.

Path #2: Turning on the Water[]


This section is likely the most difficult part. Head to the upper left and go upstairs. The switch to turn the water on is at the far upper left side of the map, but it is behind a door that can only be opened by life beaming (Life (W)) the door switch back at the starting point, using a three mirror puzzle that you must solve first. You have to get to the other side, stand on the runic circle, and then line up the perfect beam with the mirrors to make the door open. To get across, you must activate a series of moving platforms with life beams (Life (W)) and stopping them at the right moments with arcane beams (Arcane (S)). You also have to life beam (Life (W)) the mirror at the bottom to rotate it into the right position for the perfect shot, as shown in the picture above.

Once you manage to achieve this shot, the door will open for a very short time, during which you must RUSH there by casting Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)) and then life beaming (Life (W)) the water switch with it. However, there will be a mob of Deep Ones blocking the path to the switch, so it is quite possible that you will fail to reach the water switch the first time, before the door shuts. If this happens, kill the Deep Ones and then attempt the mirror shot again. Only one wave of mobs will ever spawn, so your second attempt will be easier.

Alternatively, you can turn on the door switch from the very start to spawn the enemy wave beforehand, and then deal with them once you get to the other side of the chasm. This then gives you ample time to setup the shot and get to the water switch unhindered. If you are in multiplayer, have a teammate camp at the starting point next to the door switch. Once you get to the other side, tell him to activate it and you can reach the water switch without having to line up the mirror shot every time.

If doing the puzzle is too much a hassle for you, you can just make your way across to the door, stand in front of it and cast healing mines (Life (W)Shield (E)) Twice, which will place them behind the door, and the second set will cause the first set to detonate, hitting and activating the switch.

To summarize:

  1. Move the mirror on the moving platform to a spot right in front of the door switch near the starting point.
  2. Rotate the snake mirror in the middle of the chasm with a life beam (Life (W)).
  3. Get to the other side, stand right in the middle of the runic circle for the wide angle view.
  4. Shoot a perpendicular life beam (Life (W)) such that all 3 mirrors reflect into the door switch.
  5. Run to the door and cast life beam (Life (W)) on the water switch before the door closes again.
  6. Use Tracktor Pull (more than one time) near puzzle door to get life-leeching October's Whip.

Once the water switch is activated, a waterfall will start coming down, signaling that the area is complete. Proceed back to the main hall.

Path #3: Opening the Door[]


From the middle right path of the main hall, proceed down the flight of nicely designed stairs until you reach the chasm/river. If you did Step #2 and turned on the water first, the crack will be a river and Deep Ones will jump out of it. If you haven't done it yet, it'll be an open chasm, which will require Levitate (SteamArcane (S)Steam) to cross.

To open the door to the next chamber, you have to life beam (Life (W)) the door switch above you with any of the methods below:

  1. stand right at the edge of the chasm/river and fire a life beam (Life (W)) at a correct angle.
  2. go to the fork at the 2nd flight of stairs, cast levitate (SteamArcane (S)Steam), and fire at the switch directly.

Cross the chasm/river into the next room when the door opens. Walk left to get the Portal spell book, or walk right to reach the door switch. To cross the narrow ledge you need to cast an earth shield (Shield (E)Earth (D)) on yourself to prevent the air vents from blowing you off the cliff. Once you activate the switch, prepare to be trapped inside with a Shoggoth. If you cannot defeat him, a combination of frost lightning shield (Shield (E)Lightning (A)Cold (R)) and steam beam (SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)Arcane (S)) should be enough. Make sure you don't miss your beam spells, because the walls are reflective. Once you defeat him, you can proceed back to the main hall.

Tip TIP: If you are unable to pick up the Portal spell book because walking left does not lead you to the next area, adjust your game's resolution from 4:3 or 16:10 to 16:9 widescreen resolution in the game options at the main menu. You will then be able to walk completely up the steps to the next area.

Path #4: Extend the Bridge[]


This section can be reached through the lower right path, closest to the entrance. It simply consists of a large chasm with invisible paths, guarded heavily by flaming volcano monsters. A fire shield (Shield (E)Fire (F)) or generous use of water (Water(Q)) on yourself is a must for this area.

The easiest way to get across half the map is to cast Levitate (SteamArcane (S)Steam) and Haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F)), then making a mad dash to each stone pillar in a hopscotch kind of manner. If you do NOT have Levitate, you will have to cross the old-fashioned way by spraying the area in front of you with either fire Fire (F) or frost Cold (R) to reveal the "fuzzy" paths ahead of you until you reach the other side. This will take longer, and you will also have to deal with the monsters regularly as they will block your path.

The volcano monsters are weak to a pure frost attack Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R). However, they are immune to freezing, so you will have to come up with creative uses of AoE attacks to at least get them out of the way, if not destroy them. They will continuously spawn until you leave the area.

Tip TIP: Alternately if you have Levitation, you can forego this section entirely. Use Haste with Levitation, get a good running start, and run over to Cthulhu's doorway from the top of the room.
Tip WARNING: This can actually impede your progress if you enter the chamber before turning on the water. See below.

Finale: Defeating Cthulhu[]

Entrance to Cthulhu's lair

After all 4 areas have been completed, the door to Cthulhu's lair will be fully opened. Proceed straight up the main hall over the extended bridge to the entrance, where Vlad will offer his condolences one last time before your final battle.

Tip WARNING: It is possible to have done R'lyeh in an order where you leave turning on the water (Path #2) last and uncompleted, but still be allowed into the lair. Due to a bug in the game, you will die walking into this corridor due to the lack of water flowing through the lair. Make sure you turn on the water before entering the chamber, especially if you're on a speedrun, or trying to get the achievements.
  • You can walk into water flowing through the lair by self-casting Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Shield (E).

Cthulhu, High Priest of the Old Gods

Cthulhu is the final boss of The Stars Are Left DLC, and is one of the hardest fights in Magicka. He has a circle of tentacles that grab and consume teammates caught out of position, an AoE lightning attack, and two moves (Mouth Vacumn and the "pink fireball") that will instantly kill you Plus a Compulsion spell that forces you to walk off the edge. Throughout the fight, he will summon minions and begin casting Confuse and Charm to further disorient your team. When his health bar starts to get low, he will even drop Dagon into the arena as a last resort!

This boss fight is about reflexes, positioning and dealing with multiple threats at the same time. Many veterans and newcomers alike will die at his hands many times over. However, he is not invincible. Hopefully the tips below will help.

Combat tips:

  1. The best attacks to use on him is Storm Ray SteamSteamLightning (A)Lightning (A)Arcane (S), Giant Boulder Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) and Nightmare Hailstone IceIceIceIceEarth (D). These are the only attacks that can do maximum damage from a safe distance. If you manage to do the latter two fast enough, it is possible to interrupt Cthulhu and stop him from attacking, but this is unlikely without professional skills or a good team.
  2. Counter his mouth vacumn and/or his pink fireball with a shield wall Shield (E) at a moment's notice or with a boulder of any size thrown in his mouth. This one simple spell is the difference between life and death. If you missclick the direction, you can use rock walls Shield (E)Earth (D) as an alternative.
  3. DO NOT STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARENA. The crest in the middle is where Cthulhu casts yellow clouds of Confuse and Charm. Stand around to the side or ideally at the back with a rock shield Shield (E)Earth (D) on yourself, then unleash your spells from a distance. This is also a good way to avoid his AoE lightning attack. Reposition as Cthulhu switches spots.
  4. The tentacles are afraid of fire. If you are grabbed by a tentacle, immediately set yourself on fire Fire (F) or cast a fire nova with Shift+Fire (F)Arcane (S) to escape. Putting a fire shield Shield (E)Fire (F) or wetting yourself Water(Q) after escaping is a good follow-up to a heal before resuming your attack. A few fireballs Earth (D)Fire (F) at the closest tentacle usually will make it go away.
  5. If you find your self with a purple aura and being forced to walk uncontrollably to the edge, you have been affected by Cthulhu's Compulsion spell. Self cast Earth (D) or Life (W) to get yourself out of it. This one will take practice, especially if your reaction time is poor. It is one of the many spells you must be ready to counter, but this one is probably the most sudden and most frustrating.
  6. If minions are in your way, you can blow them back into the water with your own water spray Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q). If you can spray them in front of Cthulhu, his mouth vacumn will suck in the minion instead of you, sparing your life and stopping the vacumn. If there are no minions, you may risk shooting a stone into his mouth Earth (D) for the same effect.
  7. If you are alone, don't be afraid to put up a shield Shield (E) and then nuke everything down with AoE attacks. If playing with teammates, try to reduce the amount of friendly fire. Cthulhu is bad enough as it is; do NOT kill each other by accident.
  8. Do not let the Deep Ones jump out and attack you for too long. Deal with them. The amount of disruption and damage they cause may buy Cthulhu enough time to finish you off.
  9. If Dagon is dropped on you, split up the map such that you're only dealing with one threat at a time. Block off either Cthulhu or Dagon with a frost wall Shield (E)Earth (D)Cold (R) and then attack the other one. Killing Dagon first or simply going straight for a low-health Cthulhu is at your discretion.
  10. You may consider Energy Crystals of Doom IceIceShield (E)Lightning (A)Arcane (S) as a high-risk, high-reward move against Dagon in single-player. Make sure you keep your distance after cast, or use an Arcane Thunder shield Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Shield (E) on yourself to not die.
  11. If playing with teammates, REVIVE Life (W)Lightning (A), REVIVE Life (W)Lightning (A), REVIVE Life (W)Lightning (A)!!! Unless you are a professional mage, everyone WILL at some point die. Countless noobs and experts lose because they forget to bloody use REVIVE before their friends are caught, confused, charmed, or nuked to death. Revive is a basic staple in high-level play on challenge maps, and you will dearly need it for this boss in a multiplayer situation. Your teammates will thank you. Timely use of this spell alone makes you a better player.
  12. Dagon can easily be dealt with via the Portal SteamLightning (A)Shield (E) spell. Walk to the edge of the platform and place a portal over the water at the start of the fight. Once Dagon comes out to play, drop the other portal on the platform and lure him in. Problem solved. Just be careful not to walk into the portal yourself afterwards. Now you're killing with portals!

OR, the Speed Runner exploit:

Remember Propp's Party Plasma (Fire (F)SteamArcane (S)) in Chapter 2? It is possible, as proven on Youtube, to blow him up within 60 seconds by spamming Propp's Party Plasma at godly speeds. As soon as the fight starts, walk up to Cthulhu like a man and spam FFQS like a boss. Do not let him cast. Do not let him vacumn. Do not even let him look at you funny. If you do it right, he won't even be able to attack as 8000 damage nukes randomly fall from the sky. This tactic requires high casting skill, decent courage and a bit of luck, but it can be done.

OR, the insta-kill cheat:

Remember Vortex Magick from Adventure mode? Well, you can actually use it to insta-kill Cthulhu, all you need to do is download any Utilities to edit savegames and add Vortex in the list of avaible magicks (you may start chapther 3 from the beginning doing this way).

Killing Cthulhu will get the "Fhtagn once more!" achievement.

Congratulations, you have beaten The Stars Are Left DLC. Unfortunately, Vlad is unable to help you get back to Aldrheim, so he's going to go back to his wine and let you rot in another dimension as the credits roll.

Video Walkthrough[]

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

Useful Spells[]

Although there are over a thousand different combination of spells that you can cast, multiplied by the different ways that you can cast them, you really only need a few spells to get past the game, not counting specific boss strategies.

Distance to Enemies? Number of Enemies? Strength of Enemies? Enemies Clumped? Cast this Comment
Long Many Weak Any SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
The elemental combination that gives the highest damage Beam in the game. Steam Soaks enemies and does damage, Arcane sets the Spell Type as Beam, and Lightning does double damage against Soaked targets.
Long Few Strong Any Cold (R)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Literally a copy of the above spell, except instead of prioritizing damage, this beam will Slow strong enemies that you cannot burst-damage to death, focusing instead on controlling their distance from you and delaying their attacks. Most effective if you can Soak them with Water beforehand.
Short Few Strong Yes Sword Enchantment
SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
This takes the first spell and enchants it to your melee weapon. While extremely short-ranged, it is capable of dealing a significant amount of damage in a single strike to all enemies in front of you, so it is useful to have it charged to your sword at all times as a backup.
Short Few Any Any IceIceIceIceLightning (A)
This fires what is literally a 12-pellet shotgun blast of electrified ice shards. If you charge the spell, you can turn it into a 12-round assault rifle burst-fire instead (spread decreases and range increases proportional to charge time). Using this spell uncharged is recommended, since charging takes too long and does not increase damage.
Short Many Weak Any IceLightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Fire (F)
This exploits a mechanic in combining Advanced Elements that allows you to have Water and Lightning in the same spell by adding Fire to Ice (or alternatively, adding Cold to Steam) at the end of the spell. This fires a wet arc of lightning that jumps from target to target and knocks back anything it hits.
Short Many Weak Any Area Cast
SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)
This is similar to the Steam-Lightning-Arcane Beam, except Area Casted with emphasis on blast radius. You can exchange the Arcane elements for Steam and Lightning, but it greatly decreases the effective area in exchange for about 600 damage.
Short Many Any Any Area Cast
Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)
This is basically your last resort if you are surrounded by enemies from all directions that are too strong to burst-damage to death. This will knock down all nearby enemies since this is a Projectile spell being Area Casted. The Cold element, however, will also Slow the enemy, which causes them to take an incredibly long time to recover from the knockdown. This spell deals no damage, and you'll have to use one of the other short range spells to finish them off or reposition yourself.
Short Any Any Any Sword Enchantment
IceShield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
This is a stronger, riskier emergency spell than the above enchantment spell. It makes your melee swing extend a forward wall of lightning spewing ice spikes, which deal ~3500 damage and stun most enemies for the duration of the wall. Tremendously useful through-out the campaign to simultaneously give you breathing room, wipe out cannon fodder, and severely weaken elite enemies. Can be used as main offensive spell in conjunction with wetting enemies and Haste/Teleport. The risk lies in that it can kill you if you get knocked into your own spikes.