Magicka Cover Art
Developer Arrowhead Game Studios
Publisher Paradox Interactive
Release Date January 25, 2011
Platform PC (Windows)
Modes Single player, Co-op
Genre Action-adventure
Rating ESRB: Teen
PEGI: 16

Magicka is an action-adventure video game based on Norse mythology developed by Arrowhead Game Studios. It is the first installment of the Magicka series, released January 25, 2011 on PC for Microsoft Windows.


The story begins amidst a great crisis, and an urgent quest falls to you, Wizards of the Order of Magick. It would seem that the capital city of Hávindr is under seige! So alas, you must leave your comfortable castle filled with delicious hot dogs and fancy cheeses, and hurry to the aid of the King.


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Magicka is a four person cooperative action adventure game where the player assumes the role of a wizard with up to 3 other players. Using a fully dynamic spell system up to 4 players fight their way through the main campaign and other challenging modes.

Game Modes

Magicka has three different game modes:


Magicka was named Game of the year 08 at Swedish Game Awards 2008.[1]

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