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Internet Relay Chat is an instant-messaging application very similar to other messengers of today, such as MSN, AIM, YIM, or ICQ. The key difference, however, is that IRC channels are designed to hold many more users and allow for an easier collaboration amongst a larger community.

It is therefore no surprise that Magickapedia now has its own IRC.

IRC Clients[edit source]

An IRC client is necessary to access the IRC channel. A few suggestions are as follows:

  • mIRC is a common Windows IRC client.
  • Firefox users may use ChatZilla, an addon for Firefox.
  • Linux or Windows users may use XChat.
  • Mac users may use Colloquy.
  • Efnet IRC Browser Client: Connect Now

Accessing the Channel[edit source]

The IRC channel is hosted on the Efnet network. Although the exact syntax varies from client to client, most IRC clients will recognize this as a command to connect to the network.

  • /server

Once connected to the server, this command will connect you to the channel.

  • /join #magickapedia

From then on, you may ask whatever questions regarding the wiki using the chat box at the bottom.