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| Calls a support aircraft to perform a Napalm strike in the targeted area.
| Calls an F-4 Phantom to perform a Napalm strike in the targeted area.
| This Magick is part of the [[Magicka: Vietnam]] DLC to be released.
| This Magick is part of the [[Magicka: Vietnam]] DLC to be released.
| Unavailable
| Unavailable

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There are 21 different Magick combinations that can be found in the game, with 2 additional Magicks that require DLCs to obtain. Magicks are used by queuing up the required elements and pressing the space bar, as opposed to spells created simply by casting element combinations. Magicks have a specific effect such making the caster invisible, reviving a player or slowing down time.

Magicks can be learned automatically (triggered by game events) or by picking up the appropriate Magick Book during game play. There is a Steam Achievement "I put on my robe and wizard hat" for learning all 21 Magicks found in Adventure Mode.

List of Magicks

The following 21 Magicks are found in the game during Adventure Mode, as well as being dropped by Sapient Pearwood Luggage during Challenge Mode. QWERTY keycodes assume that the default element keybinds are not changed.

For visual help on the Magicks Spellbooks location : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ts9dQ6AWU4o

Magick Combination Effects Location Image
Haste Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Element fire.png


Increases the wizard's movement speed by up to double for 10 seconds. 00AChapter 1 - Tutorial: Found on a bookshelf in the tutorial. Required to complete tutorial. Automatically obtained if tutorial is skipped. Magick haste.png
Revive Life (W)Lightning (A)


Revives human players with 10% health of their maximum health. 01AChapter 1: Given to you automatically after the end of the tutorial. Magick revive.png
Grease Water(Q)Earth (D)Life (W)


Covers the floor with slippery grease for 60 seconds. Burns when hit by fire spells for 1/3 the remainder time. 01BChapter 1: Located at the base of the tower across the lake shortly after hearing someone scream. Freeze the lake to get across. Magick grease.png
Rain Water(Q)Steam


Causes it to rain for 17.5 seconds, wetting all units on the screen and dousing any fire. 02AChapter 2: Found in the first cave you come across that is guarded by goblins. Magick rain.png
Nullify Arcane (S)Shield (E)


Removes all mines, barriers, storms, walls, shields, shields, minions, active Magicks and queued elements in the playing field cast by players and creatures. Does not remove status effects, immunity auras or imbued weapons. 02BChapter 2: Found next to the altar where a Goblin Shaman is fought. Magick nullify.png
Thunder Bolt SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)


Conjures a lightning bolt that damages the most elevated unit in front of the caster heavily for 5000 damage. 03AChapter 3: Found in the middle of the Stonehenge where you battle with 2 Druids and a number of Tree Spirits. Magick thunderbolt.png
Tornado Earth (D)SteamWater(Q)Steam


Summons a tornado for 15 seconds that knock units it touches backwards onto the ground. Causes no damage. 04AChapter 4: Before entering the city on the left of the main path in the trees by a shipwrecked boat. Magick tornado.png
Conflagration SteamElement fire.pngSteamElement fire.pngSteam


Summons a heat wave that deals 600 damage and sets on units on fire. 04BChapter 4: Inside a burning building you are forced to detour through. Magick conflagration.png
Time Warp Cold (R)Shield (E)


Slows time down for everyone including the caster by 50% for 15 seconds, giving you more reaction time. 05AChapter 5: Head west immediately after leaving the camp. Magick time warp.png
Blizzard Cold (R)IceCold (R)


Summons a blizzard lasting 10 seconds, chilling everyone in the scene and freezing water surfaces. Freezes when combined with Rain. Does not douse fire patches. 06AChapter 6: At the beginning of the chapter, go east to the small lake. Use Cold (R) to get across the water. Magick blizzard.png
Teleport Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)


Instantly moves the caster a short distance forward onto firm ground. Can be used while grabbed, frozen or knocked down and also to recover from being knocked off the level into the abyss. 07AChapter 7: On the broken walkway to the left from the start of the chapter. See the Teleport page regarding obtaining it in Chapter 1 without cheating. Magick teleport.png
Thunder Storm SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)


Causes Rain along with constant Thunder Bolts striking random locations in the scene for 17.5 seconds. 08AChapter 8: Just before the mines, after the first stone bridge (where you talk to Vlad) in a cave (hidden from view). Magick thunderstorm.png
Summon Phoenix Life (W)Lightning (A)Element fire.png


Summons a phoenix that drops on the caster's location, dealing up to 400 fire damage to everyone nearby, knocking them down and setting them on fire, followed by reviving all dead players. 08BChapter 8: Located at the end of an eastern path after fighting the waves of Goblins and Cave Trolls on a large bridge. Magick summonphoenix.png
Raise Dead IceEarth (D)Arcane (S)Cold (R)


Summons five Zombie minions to fight for the caster. 09AChapter 9: After defeating the necromancers in the run-down church. Magick raisedead.png
Fear Cold (R)Arcane (S)Shield (E)


Fears all enemies near the caster, causing them to run away for 6 seconds. 09BChapter 9: Found in the first room of the Count's castle on the left sitting on a bookshelf. Magick fear.png
Charm Life (W)Shield (E)Earth (D)


The enemy creature directly in front of the direction the caster is facing becomes your ally for 15 seconds, attacking your enemies. 09CChapter 9: Found in the first room of the Count's castle on the right leaning on the wooden furniture next to the couches. Magick charm.png
Summon Death Arcane (S)Cold (R)IceCold (R)Arcane (S)


Summons Death in front of the caster, who will proceed to instantly kill the nearest unit with the lowest amount of percentage health remaining. Will not select undead units as targets. 10AChapter 10: Given to the player after defeating Death. Magick summondeath.png
Invisibility Arcane (S)Shield (E)SteamArcane (S)


Makes the caster invisible. Enemies will no longer actively attack the caster, although arrows, charging enemies and other Area of Effect attacks will still hit the caster. Invisibility ends after casting, attacking, taking damage or colliding with a foe. Breaks many cutscene triggers. 11AChapter 11: After the first 3 Snow Trolls in the first area, head south along the cliff you find to the east instead of entering the fortress. Magick invisibility.png
Summon Elemental Arcane (S)Shield (E)Earth (D)SteamArcane (S)


Summons an inactive elemental. To activate the elemental, simply attack it with any element. The elemental will take the form of whichever element touches it first, and will subsequently be healed by that same element. 11BChapter 11: Found behind a door located northwest over the narrow bridge after defeating the small detachment of dwarves in the second room of the cathedral. Magick elemental.png
Corporealize Arcane (S)SteamLightning (A)Shield (E)Arcane (S)


Used when fighting Grimnir in Chapter 12. Also causes any ethereal Daemons to materialize and become corporeal. 11CChapter 11: Given to you after defeating Fafnir. Magick corporealize.png
Vortex IceArcane (S)IceShield (E)Ice


Summons a large vortex that sucks in and crushes anyone careless enough to wander close. The vortex will shrink over time and then vanish if nothing is sucked in for 10 seconds. 12AChapter 12: Given to you after defeating the final boss. Magick vortex.png

DLC Magicks

The following 2 Magicks require the player to own various DLCs in order to obtain them in the game.

Magick Combination Effects Location Image
Meteor Shower Element fire.pngEarth (D)SteamEarth (D)Element fire.png


Conjures several meteors that impact random locations on the screen for 10000 damage for 17.5 seconds. Chapter 1: Obtained at the start of the chapter after completing/skipping the tutorial. This Magick is a Wizard Hat DLC bonus. Magick meteorshower 4.PNG
Crash To Desktop Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Element fire.pngLife (W)


Instantly kills random ally/enemy/caster with animation of blue screen with a "connection lost" message. Will not target anything above 100k hp. Chapter 1: Obtained at the start of the chapter after completing/skipping the tutorial (Patch v1.3.5.3 required).

Available as a random drop from Sapient Pearwood Luggage in Challenge Mode (Patch v1.3.5.2 required).

This Magick is part of the Mea Culpa DLC announced but not actually available in Patch on 25 February 2011 (announcement here and here). This DLC is available free to everyone as a standard game patch and does not actually appear on any Steam DLC lists.

Napalm SteamEarth (D)Life (W)Element fire.pngElement fire.png


Calls an F-4 Phantom to perform a Napalm strike in the targeted area. This Magick is part of the Magicka: Vietnam DLC to be released. Unavailable

Unused Magicks

The following Magicks are found in the game data files but are unused by the game.

Magick Combination Effects Location Image
Eruption SteamElement fire.pngEarth (D)SteamElement fire.png


Unknown Not found in the game
Magick eruption.png