Magicks are powerful spells learned by wizards in Midgard. Magicks are used by queuing up the required elements in a specific order and pressing the space bar, as opposed to spells created simply by casting element combinations. Magicks have a specific effect such as reviving an ally or familiar, increasing move speed or calling a storm cloud. Magicks are learned by interacting with a spell book found in the campaign.

Magicks may also be set to shortcuts (1-4 keys) and cast using focus instead of inputting the specific combination. Only one magick can be set on a shortcut per category (key press).

List of Magicks[]

Magick Keys (Default) Combination Effect Location Category
Push Q E Water(Q)Shield (E) Pushes light enemies, wizards, or objects in the direction you are facing Prologue 1
Emergency Teleport A S A Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Instantly teleport to a random place 1
Dispel S E Arcane (S)Shield (E) Clears all effects on all creatures around you (e.g. burning, wet, frozen, shields, disrupter etc.) Complete Khan boss time trial on easy difficulty 1
Abuse-a-Scroll F A W Element fire.pngLightning (A)Life (W) Casts a random spell Chapter 3 - Complete the chapter 1
Teleport A S S Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Arcane (S) Instantly teleport you a short distance in the direction you are facing Chapter 2 - Boat near beginning 2
Haste A S F Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Element fire.png Gain a temporary speed boost 2
Disruptor S D E Arcane (S)Earth (D)Shield (E) Become invulnerable for a short time, but unable to cast any spells or magicks. The active elements of anyone firing a beam at you will fall harmlessly to the ground. Chapter 7 - Complete the chapter 2
Concussion Q E Q Q Water(Q)Shield (E)Water(Q)Water(Q) Pushes light enemies, wizards, or objects in the direction around you 2
Thunderbolt Q F A S A SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Casts a powerful thunderbolt on a random target 3
Spike Quake S S D S S Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Earth (D)Arcane (S)Arcane (S) Thrust out seismic waves of dust and powerful earths pikes, dealing damage, knocking stuff back in an area around you. 3
Ice Tornado Q R Q R D R R IceIceEarth (D)Cold (R)Cold (R) Conjure a tornado of ice that deals damage and sweeps up enemies into the vortex 3
Highlander Breeze Q R Q R Q R Q R IceIceIceIce Conjure a biting cold wind that deals damage and freezes enemies that try to cross it 3
Guardian W W A E Life (W)Life (W)Lightning (A)Shield (E) Periodically heals all wizards and increases focus regeneration rate. After a few seconds it will revive one dead party member 3
Dragon Strike F F D F F Element fire.pngElement fire.pngEarth (D)Element fire.pngElement fire.png A line of fire descends from the sky leaving the ground in a line in front of the wizard alight 3
Furious Fowl S D S D Arcane (S)Earth (D)Arcane (S)Earth (D) Calls forth a flock of ethereal birds to circle around you. They explode upon impact with any creature, dealing damage and wetting them. 3
Thunderhead F F S A D Element fire.pngElement fire.pngArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) Conjures a storm cloud that wets all underneath it and periodically zaps one target beneath with lightning 4
Summon Living Dead People Q R D S R IceEarth (D)Arcane (S)Cold (R) Summons a group of 6 skeleton warriors that will seek out enemies and physically attack them for low damage Chapter 6 - Complete the chapter 4
Sacrifice S S S S A Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Self-destruct, dealing 1125 Arcane damage to those nearby. Revive all allied players (Familiars excluded) 4
Revive W A Life (W)Lightning (A) Revives a dead party member with full health or revives the familiar Prologue 4