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Tier 1[ | ]

Icon Name Description Crystals
Icon Haste Haste Cast immediately, this magick makes you faster than a speeding magic missile for a short duration.

"The wizard olympics never even got to the reward ceremony due to all the doping tests." - Telisa the Chronicler "Tome of Wizard History"

Shield (E)Lightning (A)Death (S)Fire (F)
Icon Teleport Teleport Immediately teleport a short distance forward in the selected direction. Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Death (S)Death (S)
Icon Stone Prison Stone Prison Raises an impenetrable barrier around its target. Useful for locking down enemies/or friends for a few moments of peace and quiet. Shield (E)Shield (E)Shield (E)Earth (D)Earth (D)
Icon Midsummer's Blessing Midsummer's Blessing Summons an ancient fertility symbol from barbaric lands. Heals nearby characters over a short period of time. Life (W)Life (W)Life (W)Earth (D)
Icon Geyser Geyser Place out a powerful geyser that erupts, sending anyone standing on it sky high, making them wet in the process. Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Earth (D)

Tier 2[ | ]

Icon Name Description Crystals
Icon Conflagration Conflagration Create a wall of fire that travels forward for a short distance and deals fire damage over a small area. Shield (E)Shield (E)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Fire (F)
Icon Nature's Call Nature's Call Summon down a heavy structure to deal damage in a small area and push people away. After landing it spawns 2 imps to fight for you. Water(Q)Life (W)Life (W)Earth (D)Earth (D)
Icon Tornado Tornado Create a tornado that randomly moves around the area and catches nearby people, only to send them flying up into the air. Water(Q)Shield (E)Cold (R)Cold (R)Earth (D)
Icon Tidal Wave Tidal Wave Summon a powerful wave that crashes forward, pushing away any landlubbers with it. Giant piranhas crash the surfing party by dealing minor damage. Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Shield (E)Shield (E)

Tier 3[ | ]

Icon Name Description Crystals
Icon Revive Revive Revive all dead players in the targeted area. Heals any living characters in target area for 500 HP.

"That is not dead which can for some time lie, And with strange ages even death may be retcon'd." - Old lady from Outsmouth

Life (W)Life (W)Life (W)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Icon Summon Death Summon Death Summon the Grim Reaper. Attacks a player that is close by, and deals tremendous damage. "Lives" for a short time, and attacks the user if no other target can be found.

"It is not wise to summon Lady Death. She gets mad when people interrupt her chess games." - Death of Moles

Water(Q)Cold (R)Cold (R)Death (S)Death (S)Death (S)
Icon Tactical Dragon Strike Tactical Dragon Strike Direct a dragon strike that sets a large area ablaze and deals lots of fire damage. Water(Q)Life (W)Earth (D)Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)

Tier 4[ | ]

Icon Name Description Crystals
Icon Meteor Shower Meteor Shower Make meteors hurl down from the sky across a large area. Pushes people around on impact, sets them on fire and deals lots of damage.

"Pro tip: Run."

Death (S)Death (S)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Fire (F)Fire (F)
Icon Thunderstorm Thunderstorm Summon a thunder storm that covers a large area. Everyone inside the storm become wet and the tallest being inside it gets hit by lightning. Water(Q)Water(Q)Shield (E)Shield (E)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)
Icon Mighty Hail Mighty Hail Let huge chunks of ice rain down from the sky and freeze anyone who stands inside the target area. Frozen players will be crushed if hit again. Water(Q)Water(Q)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Earth (D)Earth (D)
Icon raise dead Raise Dead Summons 3 Zombie imps to fight for you. They continuously lose health and take damage fromthe Life element, but hit hard and run fast. Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Death (S)Death (S)Death (S)Death (S)