Patch Notes
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(March 11, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(March 26, 2014 Wizard Wars)


  • New matchmaker with rating. Oh, yes!

Weapon Balance[]

  • Bearded Axe ability charge-up changed from 0.5sec to 0.75sec. Ability damage changed from 535 Earth to 497 Earth.
  • Exotic Blade ability damage changed from 380 Earth to 355 Earth.
  • Flintlock Pistol projectile ability damage changed from 420 Earth to 412 Earth.
  • Gungnir attack damage changed from 340 Earth to 330 Earth. Projectile damage changed from 565 Earth to 462 Earth.
  • Hatchet projectile ability damage changed from 380 Earth to 387 Earth.
  • The duration of Snowballs two attack animations changed from 0.3sec and 0.37sec respectively to 0.35sec for both.

Status Effects[]

  • Allow going straight to Frozen if dealt sufficient Cold damage.
  • A players Chill level will now only start to decrease once it stops being subjected to Cold damage.
  • Don't allow being Wet and Chilled at the same time.
  • Fix Earth projectiles occasionally sliding past Frozen players instead of breaking.
  • Fix for not getting Shocked by Lightning when Burning or Chilled.
  • Fixed occasional animation loops still playing when Frozen.
  • Frozen players are now immune to all damage types except Magick and Earth. I.e Fire and Cold no longer affect the duration of the Frozen state.
  • Frozen shattering limit changed from 400 Earth damage to 450 Earth damage.
  • Wet damage bonus for Lightning/Cold reworked. When a target is Wet you get a 2x damage bonus to Lightning and Cold for 0.5 seconds. Wet is removed instantly on the first tick of damage.


  • Moved Revive magick to Tier 3. Burst heal changed from 500 HP to 750 HP and Revived health increased from 50% to 66%.
  • Changed default Tier 2 Magick from Revive to Conflagration.
  • Midsummer's Blessing heal rate lowered from 200 per tick to 100, initial delay increased from 1sec to 2sec.
  • Stone Prison moved down to Tier 1.


  • Restored the kill log and now also show Imp names in it.
  • Paradox North logo added to log-in screen.
  • Changed the order of items in the Inventory and Store for proper Tier sorting.


  • Ice Projectile trails will no longer stop spawning before the projectile hits the ground.
  • Weapon projectile trails linger longer for greater readability.


  • Fix for "Sudden Death" text and voice over appearing preemptively.
  • Fix for training dummy/Imp not reappearing in front-end when new settings are applied.
  • Earth Projectiles will no longer get stuck vibrating near barriers and/or damage the caster
  • Two Game server crash fixes. (AI)
  • Game server crash fix. (Rewards)
  • Game server crash fix if a player disconnected right before the initial ingame spawn.
  • Game server crash fix. (Damage tracking)
  • Game server crash fix. (Weapon projectiles)
  • Client Crash fix. (Lightning)
  • Fixed Element button input occasionally being ignored during rapid spellcasting.
  • Earth Projectile overcharge trajectory fix.
  • All sounds related to Timmy the Training Dummy is now in the SFX bus, so muting SFXs in the settings menu will silence him.
  • Disable Training Ground button when in a party.
  • Don't show healing particle effects/damage numbers for Revives placed upon AI corpses.
  • Fire Walls AoE range is now defined by aoe_range instead of aoe_tickrate.
  • Fixed "Tactical Dragon Strike's" idle sound not stopping when changing between different magicks.
  • Fixed a frequent game server crash related to AI targeting and destroyed entities.
  • Fixed a game server crash when being disconnected and revived at the same time.
  • Fixed a minor loadout issue. Magicks are now properly resolved.
  • Fixed sometimes being unable to revive teammates.
  • Fixed Weapon Ability charge + Frozen Haste exploit.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to find closest region.
  • Fixed an issue where lobbies were added multiple times.
  • Fixed a login server crash with session length.
  • Gear should now always be the one the user had selected when the play button says JOINING.
  • Fixed the game displaying two Pony errors after each other.
  • When getting booted from training ground the player will now properly return to the login screen.
  • Increased max amount of Lightning sound instances as they would zone out occasionally.
  • Lightning Storms are now vulnerable to Water damage again.
  • Magicks GUI now changes unlock button to equip when purchase completes succesfully.
  • Proper death plane, i.e. instagib players who move outside the map rather than having the server crash due to being out of bounds.
  • Region selection client crash fix.
  • Removed "speed anomaly detected" debug text.
  • Store GUI now waits for updated inveontory before returning to menus.
  • Teleport Magick client crash fix.
  • The cursor is now clipped to the main window when in game. No more accidentaly moving the mouse outside the window when playing. When in menus it will allow moving outside the window again.
  • Only reflect Push when hitting immune players or AI(and not elemental walls for instance).
  • Fixed a problem with some Elemental Affinities min-max values not being symmetrical, pushing our base values off their intended center. Some spells are nerfed slightly by extension here, mostly Mines and Beams. Most values

tweaked to accomodate this. Except with Lightning... More info on that later.


  • Major tweaks to Cold and Lightning after new Wet damage bonus, the effect of which should be that the combos are slightly stronger than before. Chill level drop changed from 0.2sec to 0.5sec. EDR AoE decreased from 200 Cold to 100 Cold. EAR changed from 25 Lightning + 30 Cold to 30 Lightning + 25 Cold. ERR changed from 55 Cold to 35 Cold. ER changed from 40 Cold to 50 Cold.
  • Completely removed initial burst damage from sprays.
  • Elemental Storms and Barriers now have unique abilities, Shield + a single Element now spawn 2 Storms/Barriers instead of 4. The less you spawn the stronger they are.
  • Increased AoE cast time from 0.1sec to 0.15sec to reduce spammability slightly.
  • Death Affinity now affects Projectile and Projectile AoE damage. Changed from 1-1 (0 Affinity - 100 Affinity) to 0.7-1.3.
  • AoE damage tweaks. Fire increased from 115 to 125. Cold increased from 40 to 50. Ice damage increased from 200 to 225.
  • Increased Life Affinity Self Heal bonus.
  • Fix for Magnitude 2 Projectiles (i.e a DDX spell) not adding any overcharge bonus damage, changed from 0 damage to 30 damage.
  • Ice Projectiles now base their damage on the "Ice Damage" value in the player's Cold and Water affinities.
  • New cast animation for Earthquakes (Earth AoEs). Cast time increased from 0.4sec to 0.5sec. Animation duration changed from 1sec to 1.15sec.
  • New knocked-down and getting-up animations. Total Knockdown time decreased from 3sec to 2sec.
  • Sprays now fetch the player's affinity for Water and Fire to alter Steam damage.
  • Force Lightning and AoE Lightning now hits as many times as you have Lightning elements queued, modified by Lightning Affinity. Range also affected by the number of Elements. This means that ASF is now 1 bolt that deals high damage, while AAA deals more damage over a longer period of time and is easier to ward against.
  • Decreased Force Lightnings maximum range from 12m to 10m. AoE Lightnings minimum range increased from 3m to 4.5m.
  • Reduced the angle on Lightning autohit from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.
  • Force Lightning spell duration changed from 0.75sec to 0.7sec. Animation duration decreased from 1.3sec to 0.8sec. Damage interval changed from 0.25sec to 0.3sec.
  • Force Lightning Spells damage tweaks. Lightning decreased from 60 to 45. Death increased from 40 to 60. Fire increased from 30 to 50 and Cold increased from 10 to 40. Reference: AAA changed from 90 Lightning/tick to 77 Lightning/tick.
  • Lightning AoE spells damage tweaks. Lightning decreased from 100 to 45. Cold increased from 25 to 30.
  • Nerfed Shield Affinity resistance bonus percentage from 0.5-1.5 (0 affinity - 100 affinity) to 0.7-1.3.
  • Normalized player Elemental Affinities for status effects. Your Affinity now doesn't affect how much burn or chill you apply on others.
  • Reduced Elemental Storms AoE range from 1m to 0.5m in order to reduce multiple hits from nearby Storms.
  • Removed Earth Affinity affecting Projectile AoE size.
  • Removed Earth Affinity affecting the amount of Mines spawned.