Patch Notes
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(February 25, 2014 Wizard Wars)
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(March 5, 2014 Wizard Wars)


  • Fixing team assignment code for party splits in DUEL mode.
  • Handling faulty game configurations sent from GS to MM - Will now not cause assert.
  • Fixing root cause of missing time_in_queue as well as faulty error logging.
  • Adding additional guards and log faulty condition.
  • Fixing MM crash bug - Uninitialized value guarded against.

...Tried to make this funny...I got nothing.

Training Ground[]

  • Fix for getting permanently stuck in "joining" in the training ground. Timmy is pleased!


  • Game server crash fix (lolcat population decimated). No, you may NOT "Haz cheezburger"!


  • Nature's call imps can no longer be multiplied indefinitely. After a "birds and the bees" talk our toilet-dwelling friends should be much more responsible in their reproduction.
  • Tornado pull physics fix.
  • Made sure that Tactical Dragon Strike's idle sound exits properly on deselect and cast. (Although, we loved that sound effect so much we had to use it again! Look out for "Flappy Dragon-Crush Pocket Lite Clash Saga" coming to an App store near you soon!)

Spells Changes/Balance[]

  • Decreased initial spray damage burst dramatically.
  • Decreased self Shield cast time (to enable quicker immunities when chilled).
  • Decreased Cold spray base damage.
  • Reduced Lightning Storm zap spam via less ticks.
  • Separated Chilled movement and spell-casting speeds - IE you will walk slower but still be able to cast spells reasonably quick.
  • Nerfed water walls somewhat, less elevate, more push.
  • AoEs, projectile AoEs and barriers now check for Water affinity to affect Steam/Ice damage.


  • Show a 'loading...' notification in gear, magicks and store until inventory is fully loaded from backend.

Store UI[]

  • Bundles tab, categories in dropdown menu, redeem tab, offers have different sizes based on category.


  • Shortened Exotic Blade's ability animation time, now only deals a single attack. -500% to style. +100% to "not getting killed whilst swooshing your sword around in the air".
  • Weapon projectiles now deal earth damage instead of ice.

Status Effects[]

  • Made frozen players immune to everything except earth, cold and magick damage.
  • Lightning now only removes the wet status after a certain damage threshold in order to improve the wet + lightning combo. Trance is pleased.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Spawnpoints are now counted as SFX in the volume controller.
  • Store reworked. This should fix the issue of not being able to buy items, even though the client tells you you're eligible for them. We don't want to be like this disreputable salesman!
  • Fixed crash when joining and having changed gear.
  • Changing password should now work again. Death to slugs!
  • If the connection to a login server fails at connection time, the client should now keep looking for a new server. Hopefully reducing slugs somewhat.

Improvments to Escher's Banhammer[]

  • Accounts that are banned are now actually not allowed to log in.