Patch Notes
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(May 6, 2014 Wizard Wars)
May 13, 2014 Wizard Wars Patch N/A


  • Changed flying death animations to be consistent with face-plant death.
  • Changed knockdown and falling death animations.


  • Clamp elemental affinities in the gear screen between 0 and 100 to match the game-play.
  • Various gui tweaks when creating a new account.
  • Extended the TopMenu width and increased the 4 button sizes by 20 px each. Changed "SUPPORT" font size from 14 to 16.
  • Fixed a font positioning bug.
  • Fixed a few textures with missing font glyphs (which could cause a low-res fallback font to be used for strings in a few occasions).
  • Kill log text fix for defense imps.
  • Login screen gui tweaks.
  • Magicks screen and EULA gui tweaks.
  • Region selection gui tweaks.
  • Settings screen gui tweaks.


  • Removed that annoying punctuation mark in Spawn Countdown messages. Come on, we all hated it, right?


  • Staves, spells effects and Magicks now have dynamic lights.


  • Increase Assist reward and increased XP/time bonus slightly.
  • Increased XP over time rewards in Duel game mode.


  • Added Hit Indication sounds for Cold, Fire and Steam.
  • Added reverb on *all* levels, fixed attenuation on Meteor Shower with greater range.
  • Attenuation mixes and small fixes.
  • Added Death Beam Hit sounds.
  • Death Beams sounds for shield collisions.
  • Fixed the chargeup sound for Exotic Blade not being canceled when doing a regular attack.
  • Life Beam sounds tweaked.
  • Mixing and attenuation fixes.
  • Updated/Added Spell Lightning Hit with new sounds.
  • Updates to death animation sounds.


  • Rephrased Orangutan error message.


  • Client crash fix
  • Fixed so that client only displays Tapir (version mismatch) once per session.


  • Proper text position in password fields.
  • Proper offer name in 'purchase completed' notification.
  • Knockdowns whilst Chilled will now result in a fall with normal speed.
  • Fixed an issue where the lo-gin server would crash if the player being redirected to a game server had disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug that made the game server always approve any player gear regardless of actual ownership.
  • Fixed so that proper sounds trigger when wizards fall over "lightly".
  • Fixed a typo in the Thunderstorm description.
  • Geyser client crash fix.
  • EAC verification crash fix.
  • Players now correctly receive match won XP multiplier.
  • Fixed gear verification failures (code: Platypus) sometimes kicking new players when matchmaking for the first time.
  • Spell damage sound crash fix.