The Mea Culpa DLC is part of patch v1.3.5.1 released on February 25th, 2011. This DLC does not cost any additional money; it is free and is available automatically to all players upon patching. This DLC does not actually appear on any Steam DLC lists and is simply patched in as a standard patch.

The patch description reads:

New features/balancing
  • You can now play as the Mea Culpa wizard, wielding a powerful Bug Staff and the less powerful Broken Sword.
  • A new magick in the same theme has also been added...the unholy Crash to Desktop.

Paradox also made a Steam Forum announcement containing the following text:

Hello! We've got some great news for Magicka, patch #11 ( was recently released. Now Magicka fans can rejoice even more as the "Mea Culpa" DLC has been released, via Steam update.

The free DLC includes:

Listen to the specially composed song “The Gamer and Magicka” to get in the right mood. There’s even a special appearance by Vlad

Content summary[]

  • The Mea Culpa wizard model looks like the standard wizard model but with the appearance of the robe being patched out of multiple pieces of cloth rather than it being one piece.
  • The Bug Staff has the active ability to summon a single slow-moving Bugswarm minion with 500 hp that moves to attack nearby enemies and deals poison damage (approximately 10 damage every 1/6 second, or 60 dps) to everything in its melee range.
  • The Crash to Desktop Magick is cast by the combination Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Fire (F)Life (W). It kills a random target (with a maximum health below 100000 hp) with the animation of a blue rectangle appearing and zapping it out of existence. It will target both enemies, allies and even the caster himself. Any staff or sword held will be gone from the game as well (instead of being dropped on the floor). This is a very potent Magick.

Accessing the content[]

The Mea Culpa can be found at the character selection screen when you choose your robe color. There will be arrows to the left and right of your wizard model to switch to the Mea Culpa one. The Broken Sword and Bug Staff are given to you during the tutorial in Chapter One. The Crash To Desktop Magick is available as a random drop from Sapient Pearwood Luggage in Challenge Mode after patch v1.3.5.2 because patch v1.3.5.1 did not enable the Magick properly. This Magick is added to Adventure Mode in patch v1.3.5.3 and is acquired automatically in Chapter One after finishing/skipping the tutorial dungeon (at the same time as Revive).


The Mea Culpa DLC is well received by the community since it is a formal "Sorry for the buggy release"[1] statement by Paradox particularly since it is free. However, there were confusions on the Crash to Desktop Magick which was unobtainable in the patch that first released Mea Culpa. The magick had to be patched in later on two separate occasions in patch v1.3.5.2 (challenge mode) and patch v1.3.5.3 (adventure mode) which undermined (or supported) the spirit of the DLC.


Mea Culpa is a Latin phrase that translates into English as "my mistake" or "my fault". The entire patch is a reference to the fact that Paradox has had to release a large number of patches in a short period of time in order to fix the many bugs in the game. The DLC also celebrates the 1st month of Magicka since its launch on January 25th, 2011.