Meteor Shower Information Magick meteorshower 4.PNG
Game Description: In certain situations you just want to go out with a blast - or even several blasts - raining down from the sky in the form of fiery rocks.
Combination: Element fire.pngEarth (D)SteamEarth (D)Element fire.png
Location: Chapter One: Obtained at the start of the chapter after completing/skipping the tutorial. This Magick requires the player (or the host of a multiplayer game) to own the Wizard Hat DLC.

Spell effects[]

Meteor Shower is a weather modifying Magick that causes multiple fireballs to fall from the sky for 17.5 seconds. Like all other weather modifying Magicks, Meteor Shower can only be used outdoors and has no effect when cast indoors other than to waste the 2 seconds of casting time. When cast, the scene will darken considerably to 40% of its usual brightness and fireballs will spawn periodically in the sky during the first 15 seconds.

Fireballs will strike random locations in a radius of 20 distance around the casting wizard, biased towards locations that are further away (distance = 20 * sqrt(random()), angle = 2 * PI * random()). Unlike Thunder Storm, the selected locations need not be on firm ground. Fireballs form at the elevation of 146 distance above the elevation of the casting wizard and fall downwards with the initial speed of 20. The falling speed increases due to gravity over time at the acceleration of 19.64 (the Magicka world runs at twice the standard G of 9.82 m/s²) thus each fireball will land approximately 2.97 seconds after spawning (solving for 9.82t² + 20t - 146 = 0). The fireballs come in waves of 1 to 2 simultaneous fireballs and the time between each wave is between 0.4 and 0.8 seconds, thus there can be as little as 18 waves of fireballs or as many as 37 with an average of 25.5 (15/0.6+0.5). This means that an average of 37.25 fireballs will strike for any given Meteor Shower.

The fireballs each deal the equivalent damage of casting a Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)Fire (F)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) spell (if queuing a 10 element spell was possible), with a splash damage radius of 4. A direct hit will deal about 10k fire damage, but is unlikely to kill otherwise and instead just set units on fire.

If Meteor Shower is cast while an existing Meteor Shower is already active, the existing Meteor Shower's remaining duration is reset to 17.5 seconds and the caster of the Meteor Shower remains unchanged (it will still be centered on the first caster as he moves around). Meteor Shower can be stopped by casting Nullify.


  • Can potentially kill a number of enemies if you can avoid dying to Meteor Shower yourself.


  • Can be countered by Nullify, fire immunity aura (Fire (F)Shield (E)+Self), self-shields (Shield (E)+Self) or shield bubbles (Shield (E)+Area).
  • Can only be cast outdoors.
  • Can kill allies and minions.
  • Targeted locations are random.


  • Meteor Shower is used by Assatur in Chapter Twelve.
  • This Magick is not considered very useful by players due to its randomness to hit friends and enemies.
  • In a multiplayer adventure game, only the host needs to own the Wizard Hat DLC for everyone in the game session to use it (provided the Magick is learned).
  • In a multiplayer challenge arena, only the host needs to own the Wizard Hat DLC for the Meteor Shower tome to have a chance to drop from Sapient Pearwood Luggage.
  • Conversely, if you own the Wizard Hat DLC and join a multiplayer game where the host does not, Meteor Shower cannot be gotten unless the host edited the adventure save file with a Save Game Editor.