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Midgård is the land in which Magicka is set, it is a humorous world loosely based on Scandinavian mythology. Within Midgård you may encounter a large variety of friends and foes, some of which are more of a danger to themselves than they are to you. While you travel this vast land, it is wise to bring along a friend as you will often find yourself dead. Although chose your friends wisely as they can easily turn on you!


Map of Midgård

Villages and cities[]


Places of note[]

  • Halodin Coast
  • Khan's Stronghold
  • World's End
  • Jarn Mines
  • Mykur Swamp
  • Niflheim
  • Galdrholl Ruins
  • The Partially Snowy Plains
  • The Undrawn Lands
  • Crystal Lake
  • Boring Bay
  • The island of R'lyeh (a reference to Cthulhu) (a key place in The Stars Are Left)
  • The Lonely Island (possibly a reference to the humor music group of the same name)
  • Nunshul Pass