Shield + 1-4 Life or Arcane (other elements may also be included)

Casting Method

Force or Area

Mines are the result of combining a Shield Element with the Life or Arcane Elements. It is possible to include other elements after the introduction of Life or Arcane to add extra effects - for example, Incendiary Mines can be made by adding Fire. Mines are large spherical objects that bury themselves in the ground and explode when an enemy or a wizard comes too close. Certain spells can also set them off by accident, most notably any which affect a large area and/or travel along the ground, or other Shield spells, such as an Earth Wall.

Using Force casting summons four Mines in front of the caster in a half-arc (like any other Shield + Element Force-cast), whilst using Area casting surrounds the user with eight of them. As long as the caster does not move from the position in which they initially summoned the Mines from, Mines summoned using the Area method will not hurt them.

Mines are very powerful, so you should be careful not to set them off if they are not Healing Mines - due to the tight groupings, they will chain react and can easily kill an un-Self Shielded wizard. A good way to deal with a large number of pursuing enemies being funnelled through tight areas is to cast Haste on yourself, then run around dropping mines behind you; the enemies will charge over the mines, with predictable results.