Weapon Information
Game Description: A hammer infused with the power of thunder.
Damage: Medium Physical
Special: Slow, Lightning strikes target on hit.
Location: Chapter 4: Inside Havindr at the beginning of the chapter, hanging above the second door on the left as if it were a sign.


When the player strikes an enemy using Mjölner, a bolt of lightning (identical to one summoned by the Thunder Bolt magick) strikes the enemy, knocking it back, dealing high damage, and making its hair stand on end (presumably).


  • Kills most enemies in 2 hits (800-2000 damage, depending on resistances and weaknesses)
  • Deals massive damage versus wet opponents
  • Can be used even when the wizard is wet
  • Lightning knocks enemies back
  • Looks and sounds impressive


  • Doesn't work indoors, such as in Fafnir's Palace (a very hard area).
  • Deals minimal damage versus enemies with lightning resistance (such as Beastmen).
  • It's slow so it's hard to hit smaller enemies with it.


  • The hammer is a reference to the weapon Mjölnir of the God Thor the god of thunder, in the Norse mythology