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A list of enemies, their locations, hitpoints, drops, behaviors and and effective spell counters.

Some monsters have "multi-stage" hitpoints. For example, the Goblin Captain has 150+2200 hitpoints, meaning that his shield is destroyed once you deal 150 damage and his in-game model will downgrade to one without a shield. Another example, the Orc Warrior has 250+2200+2200 hitpoints. Once his shield and armor are gone (250 and 2200 respectively), he moves faster (from speed 4 to 7 which is the same as an Orc Scout) and has 2200 hitpoints left. Multi-stage monsters that drop equipable items will drop it every time they change stage if they are using it on the previous stage. For example, the Orc captain can drop 2 thunderblades, as it takes out the thunderblade once its shield gets destroyed, and then drops a copy of it when the armor is destroyed. Using freezing to kill an armored enemy without having it lose the armor first will make it only drop a single item.

Name Description Location Hitpoints Drops Behavior Strategy
Goblin Rogue Rogue Goblins.png Chapter 1, Chapter 2 700 - Tries to grab you or melee you with his weapon Spam Arcane Fireballs (Arcane (S)Earth (D)Fire (F)) to kill them, cast an earthquake (Earth (D) AoE) when they grab the wizard to free him.
Goblin Rogue Pirate.png Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 700 - Tries to grab wizards or melee them with his weapon
Goblin Ranger Goblin ranger.png Chapter 2, Chapter 3 700 - Shoots arrows Disengage personal shield if it is active, as arrows hitting it would knock down the wizard. Kill them in the same way as regular goblins.
Goblin Hood Goblinhood.png Chapter 2 700 High Quality Goblin Dirk Shoots arrows in a straight line and much faster than regular goblin rangers Use beam spells to keep a good distance, as their range is not as far as regular goblin rangers, but is almost guaranteed to hit.
Goblin Bomber Goblin Bomber.png Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 8 800 - Throws bombs that inflict damage, cause knockback and set you on fire. Charge a Fireball (Earth (D)Fire (F) Force cast) slightly to increase range and watch everything around the Bomber explode in 10k damage. Stay back!

They tend to attack in a group of goblins, making them very easy channel targets. Use a 4xLightning (A) and a 1xFire (F) and you can cut through an entire group of them with ease.

Goblin Warrior Goblin Warrior.png Chapter 8 100+900 - Closes in to melee you. It is a good idea to destroy this monsters shield as soon as you can, since when this happens, it negates effects that have been inflicted on the goblin, potentially very dangerous in the wrong situation. Use Earth (D)+Shift+Right Click. It will remove all shields carried by enemies close to you. Once all their shields are destroyed, their packs are easily cut down with an AOE spell.
Goblin Archer Goblin Archer.png Chapter 8 900 - Shoots fire arrows that burn you. Using the Staff of Fire that can be found at the beginning of the mines, or casting a fire shield Fire (F)Shield (E) on yourself greatly reduces their damage, after this, they become a fairly low priority monster, kill as you would any other goblin.
Goblin Miner Goblin Miner.png Chapter 8 700 -
Goblin Commando Goblin commando.png Chapter 5 700 - Uses its bow at range and will either try to slash at you or grab you if you get close
Goblin Captain Goblin captain.png Chapter 8 150+2200 Frost Cleaver They usually surround themselves with other goblins, making them harder to hit with beam spells or direct attacks. It's best to not let these guys get close, for if they hit you, it will freeze you solid. Its best to channel a beam into their party that is aimed directly at the captain, as to cut through a few goblins then hit him. He definitely takes priority in a group.
Goblin Shaman Goblin shaman.png Chapter 2, Chapter 6 2000 Rod of Emergency Teleport,

High Quality Goblin Dirk

Will cast a (Water(Q)Arcane (S)) beam and a plain Lightning (A) His beam is water, therefor if you maintain a Arcane (S)Lightning (A) beam against him as he channels his beam, they will counter each other and blow him up.
Goblin Wizard Goblin Wizard.png Chapter 6, Chapter 8 3000 Goblin Staff Will cast the element corresponding to their cape and every once in a while another element.

the gray ones can cast multiple elements

These creatures are incredibly vulnerable, just simply channel any beam (Except their element)on them and they should fall quick. (Preferably their counter element)
Poison Spider Poisonspider.png Chapter 8 2500 - They act as ranged support for when giant spiders appear, spitting poison from afar Use a Shield (E) to prevent yourself from being poisoned, then choose your choice of attack (just about anything will work)
Giant Spider Giant Spider.png Chapter 1, Chapter 8 330 - Usually come in swarms, un-burrowing or climbing towards the players when they walk too close. Their low health makes them easy to deal with. AOE Electricity preforms very well. Usually a 5-charge electricity (Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) plus Shift + Right Click can clear the area.
Forest Troll Forest troll unarmed.png Chapter 2 6000 - Walks towards the player and hits with its fist. Also kicks with its foot, causing a moderate distance knock back and moderate damage. May also attempt to pick up and (slowly) eat a player. Set up a Stone Barrier (Shield (E)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D) Self cast) and shoot a fully charged Blizzardball (Earth (D)IceIceIceIce Force cast) to kill it in one hit. Using a variation of the Arcane Steam Lightning Beam (Arcane (S)SteamLightning (A) Force cast) is also possible.
Foresttrollnormal.png Chapter 2 6000 - Sometimes swings at the player with the tree trunk, causing the player to fly across the screen and doing moderate damage. Also attempts to pick up and (slowly) eat a player.
War Troll War troll.png Chapter 5 6000 - Mostly same as Forest Troll As you will have Thunder Bolt at this point, fire away. It will take two casts to kill it unless it is wet.
War troll arbalest.png Chapter 5 6000 - Stays at a distance. Similar behavior to Goblin Archers, as he has two attacks. The first is shooting a shell directly at the player, the second firing a shell in an arc towards the players position. Same as the regular War troll. Keep him at a distance, as his direct attack is hard to avoid.
Beast Raider Beast Raider.png Chapter 3 1000 - Usually jump across the map towards you. Occasionally they will sidestep your attacks. Generally best to use any kind of area-effect attack, or freeze them (water spell followed by cold spell) and then use a beam spell.
Beast Raider Torch.png Chapter 3 1000 - Torches buildings during the Jotunn boss fight
Beast Raider Alpha Beast Raider Alpha Lighting.png Chapter 3 1000 Skyward Spear Same behavior as Beast Raider
Beast Raider Alpha Water.png Challenge mode 1000 Seaward Spear
Beast Brute Beast Brute.png Chapter 3 3000 Will move slowly towards you then charge, sending you flying if it hits you Use a (Arcane (S)Cold (R)) to slow them down, giving you more room and time to react to them (and finish of their softer cousins)
Beast Brute Alpha Beast Brute Alpha Fire.png Chapter 3 4000 Mace of the Molten Core Same behavior as Beast Brute
Beast Brute Alpha Earth.png Chapter 3 4000 Mace of the Earth
Beast Chieftain Jotunn.png


Chapter 4 8000 M60 IF all buildings survive (otherwise nothing) Enchants his weapon with earth to create a fissure (knocking you down) if you are far away. Will also use a disruptive earth AOE if you are close enough but not if he can hit you normally. His attacks pack a punch, taking roughly half your health away while dealing knock-back. It's recommended you DON'T throw up a self-shield because you risk flying off the cliff if you let him get close enough to hit you with his weapon. Use haste to get out of the village quickly. Even if you don't want the M60, do it so you don't risk getting game over because you missed too often. Enchant your weapon with (Fire (F)Earth (D)Shield (E)) and throw it down close to the minions which spawn. This should keep them distracted so you can deal with Jotunn, just don't run too far away from the volcanoes, and be sure to occasionally replace them. Jotunn can be dealt with either beam or projectile spells, just make sure to keep him far away enough that he isn't constantly disrupting you with fissures. Note his immunity to lightning, so be sure to leave it out of the equation and trade it for something like fire or cold. As always, an asteroid (Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D)Earth (D), full charge) will devastate him, but may be unreliable because he favours disruption. Again, if trying this, keep your distance. If in doubt, use a super arcane lightning-steam beam (SteamSteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)) to quickly end the fight.
Druid Druid.jpg Chapter 3, Chapter 6 2800 Gnarled Staff Tend to cast rain a lot, followed by a (Arcane (S)Lightning (A)). They often use their staffs ability and summon tree spirits, as well as enchanting their weapon with (Fire (F)Earth (D)Shield (E)) and then casting it on the ground, creating a straight line of mini-volcanoes. Toss up a self-shield (Shield (E) Middle Click) then either hit with Water then Cold Beam (Arcane (S)Cold (R) ) or use plain lightning bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Remember to face them) This takes about two easy hits if you have it mapped.
Tree Spirit Tree Spirit.png Chapter 3, Chapter 6 2500 - They are big and slow. When they attack, they cause a knock-back. If you don't deal with them while there are druids around, then they can quickly become a problem. Like anything made of anything flammable, Tree Spirits will very easily catch fire, and will take a ton of damage from it. Any fire spell will do the trick. However, do not attempt to douse them, as trees can not be doused, and therefore do not take extra damage from lightning, nor can they be frozen.
Orc Scout Orcscout.png Chapter 4, Chapter 5 2200 - Will shake itself dry if wet (but it is still possible to freeze them) As they shake off every time they get wet, this can be abused by creating lightning steam walls (Shield (E)SteamLightning (A)). This will cause them to stay in the wall, constantly shaking off.
Orc Warrior Orc Warrior.png Orc warrior noshield.png Orc warrior noarmor.png Chapter 4, Chapter 5 250+2200+2200 - Charges and shield bashes you while it got a shield. Acts like a faster orc scout once armor is gone. Use Earth (D)+Shift+Right Click. It will remove all shields carried by enemies close to you. They are armored so they are extremely vulnerable to Lightning (A) once their shield is gone, especially if you get them wet first.
Orc Captain Orc captain.png Orc captain noshield.png Orc captain noarmor.png Chapter 5 500+5500+2200 Thunderblade Will charge and shield bash sending you flying like the orc warrior. Can also throw a ball that will spew poison around it,
Orc Berserker Orc berserker.png Chapter 4 2500 - Move quickly and use a fast jump-attack Use a (Arcane (S)Cold (R)) to slow them down. If they get too close, use an AOE of your choice, but cold is recommended as it will prevent them from damaging you too severely.
Disciple Disciple.png Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6 7000 Staff of War Enjoy spamming beam spells, occasionally use a (Earth (D)Water(Q)) as a disruption strike. If they have allies nearby, they will use (Earth (D)Life (W)) to heal them. Toss up a self-shield (Shield (E) Middle Click) then either hit with Water then Cold Beam (Arcane (S)Cold (R) ) or use plain lightning bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Remember to face them) This takes about two easy hits if you have it mapped.
Daemonling Daemonling.png Chapter 6 380 - Will kick you doing minimum damage but pushing you back (Trying to get you off the edge) They are very easily killed by casting Conflagration (SteamFire (F)SteamFire (F)Steam. This will kill them regardless of the plane they are in.
Daemon Daemon.png Chapter 6 2999 - Move between the ethereal and corporeal realm with impunity, making them a bother to hit with long-cast magickas. They attack from afar with a projectile attack; if wizards get too close (for some reason) they attack with a knock-back melee attack. When killed, they spawn three Daemonlings. These larger daemons are killed easily with a single Lightning spell (SteamSteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)). This prevents them from spawning three Daemonlings (any overkill will prevent the spawning).
Daemon Lord Daemon lord.png Chapter 6 9999 Daemon Arm Will fire a barrage from both of his fists at you. Splits into three Daemons upon death (but not if overkilled). The barrage he fires can be easily countered by either casting a shield or merely standing still. Once his attack starts missing you, you can just channel any beam at him and he will be dead in no time.
Cave Troll Cave Troll.png Chapter 8 10000 - Moves towards the player to melee
Cave Troll Armed.png Chapter 8 10000 - Moves towards the player to attack with his huge club
Necromancer Necromancer.png Chapter 6, Chapter 9 3000 Staff of the Dead,

Morgul Blade

Does poison attacks Seems to be weak against Conflagration Magick
Traeskmonstír Traeskmonstír.png Chapter 9 7000 - Arms will extend and attempt to grab you, once grabbed it will proceed to crush you. Healed by water. It's preferable to get these guys one on one. (Kill everything else first) Once 1 on 1 proceed to channel a Arcane (S)Fire (F) beam on him. Once channeled when he grabs you it will instantly aim at him proceeding to burn him, forcing him to let you go.

Alternately, just lay down a patch of grease, set it on fire, and lead him through it.

Zombie Zombie.PNG Chapter 9 500 - Usually comes in large groups to surround you They can be disposed of easily by getting them wet and then using lightning on the large group dealing massive damage. Conflagration can also be used to deal with spammed Zombies.

Since Zombies are healed by arcane and damaged by life it is convenient to use IceShield (E)Life (W) which will heal you and kill the zombies.

Ghoul Ghoul.png Chapter 9 1000 - They will rush you normally in groups of 2 or more, once they do they will start clawing away at your health rather quickly. Can also start digging in the dirt and throw a rock at you. These ghouls are not something you wanna play with. They can eat through your health like nothing. Proceed to frost them as they get close Arcane (S)x4 then Cold (R)x1 Its important to channel this quickly for they are fast moving creatures. Once chilled i would suggest backing up then casting a (IceArcane (S)Lightning (A)
Lantern Ghoul Ghoul lantern.png Chapter 9 1000 - Same as a Ghoul, but explodes with fire damage on death and their attack ignites you
Skeleton Skeleton.png Chapter 9 500 - Will attempt to melee hit you or throw bones at you. These creatures are relatively slow, but are healed by arcane magic. Like most undead beings Life (W) spell will hurt them, so its very easy to simply channel a life beam at them until the explode. Or if that is to boring for you they are also very vulnerable to Earth (D) magic so just 5xEarth (D) them to death.
Skeleton Soldier Skeleton soldier.png Chapter 9 500 - Attacks the player with his sword.
Wight Wight.png Chapter 9 3000 Cursed Blade They walk very slowly but once you get within their range they will proceed to stab you. Their stab is very fast and once finished they will spam stabbing you. You can die fast if you fall victim to their assault. They move slowly off the bat, so hitting them with a frost beam will make them turtles. Once chilled they are very easy targets.

I find that the fastest way to kill them is to wet them with Earth (D)Water(Q) and follow that with thunderbolt, SteamArcane (S)Lightning (A)Arcane (S). If, however, you are inside or do not have thunderbolt I freeze them with Earth (D)Water(Q), Earth (D)Cold (R) followed by IceIceIceIceEarth (D) no charge required.

Elemental Elemental dormant.pngElemental white.png Chapter 10 4000 - They start as white blob like stationary creatures, but once passed or attacked will turn into an elemental minotaur beast. Develops an immunity to the first elemental attack on them if attacked before they activate (about 3 seconds), otherwise a random elemental immunity is chosen. They do melee elemental damage. Possible elements are: Water, Lighting, Cold, Fire, Life, Arcane, Steam and Poison In the only encounter with these in Niflheim you can run right past them. Due to their 3 second aggro time its very easy simply to run by them with haste (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Fire (F) or Teleport.

If you attack a dormant elemental they will develop an immunity to whatever you first attack them with (they glow with the color corresponding to their immunity). Although you don't have to kill them you can do it very quickly as follows: First target a passive elemental with a beam of Life (W) + Cold (R), Then when they start running at you switch to a beam of Arcane (S) + Fire (F). They will die in seconds. If you accidentally hit a nearby elemental with Arcane (S) + Fire (F) then remember to switch to Life (W) + Cold (R) to kill them.

An other way would be casting Rain ( Water(Q)Steam ) making every elemental turn to water element and so they may take double damage from Lightning (A). Use AoE Lightning (A), Thunder Bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A)) or whatever ligthning based spell.

If you don't attack but just walk close to them they will become immune to a random element.

Darksoul Darksoul fire.pngDarksoul cold.pngDarksoul lighting.pngDarksoul arcane.png Chapter 10 800 - Will fire tiny balls of energy (The element goes with the color of the skeleton) Its best to start with casting an immunity aura (Shield (E) + Corresponding element they are) once immune proceed to channel a Life (W) beam on them and they will fall quickly.

Note: They will attack in counter groups, Exp: Fire and ice. When this happens its better to turn on frost immunity than fire, for if you're chilled you're pretty much completely helpless.

Malignant Beholder Malignant Beholder.png Chapter 11 6000 - Shoots small balls of either lighting or cold from its tentacles, or a large ball from its eye that deals 4000+ damage on a direct hit, and high knockback in an aoe The beholder will fire bolts fast enough to batter through shields more quickly than you can boost them, so it is imperative that you slow or ice them as quickly as possible of you will find yourself locked in a losing battle to stay alive. Use lightning/frost Arua (Lightning (A)Shield (E)Cold (R) to make yourself immune to their most dangerous weapons. Shield (E) + Earth (D)x4 may buy you some time. If you can fire a beam at them it will usually intercept most or all of their bolts as well. Distracting their fire with summons is usually the safest way to deal with them.
Dwarf Warrior Dwarf Warrior.jpg Chapter 11 350+3000 - Will run directly towards wizards and teleport into melee range A single axe strike will destroy a wizard's shield. Use Earth (D)+Shift+Right Click. It will remove all shields carried by enemies close to you. Then use any spell to kill them.
Dwarf Champion Dwarf champion.png Chapter 11 500+2500 Axe of the Dwarf Champion
Dwarf Priest Dwarf priest.png Chapter 6, Chapter 11 3000 Righteous Rod of Runes Casts asteroids (5xEarth (D)), self-shield, lighting, and occasionally fire. Toss up a self-shield (Shield (E) Middle Click) then either hit with Water then Cold Beam (Arcane (S)Cold (R) ) or use plain lightning bolt (SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Remember to face them. This takes about two easy hits if you have it mapped.
Snow Troll Snowtroll.png Chapter 11 6000 - Moves as fast as a hasted wizard. Will instantly grab and eat you upon contact. More dangerous than Death! Set up a Stone Wall (Shield (E)Earth (D) Force) in between you and the Snow Troll as soon as possible to keep him busy. Move up to the wall and cast area-effect water (Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q)Water(Q) Area) followed immediately by an area-affect cold (Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R)Cold (R) Area). This should encase the Snow Troll in ice. Snow Trolls are immune to cold (a cold attack on a DRY Snow Troll), but are not immune to FREEZING. Aim a Cold Lighting Beam (Arcane (S)Cold (R)Lightning (A)Lightning (A)Lightning (A) Force) and fire it through your wall (yes, destroying it) at the Snow Troll until he explodes. It is very important you get the Snow Troll frozen as soon as possible and keep him frozen, don't hesitate to summon some help before an encounter. If the Snow Troll gets in grabbing range teleport away (Lightning (A)Arcane (S)Lightning (A) Spacebar) immediately. If you have Frost Cleaver, a single melee attack will easily freeze the Snow Troll.

Another method would be damaging them with a fast attack, teleport away, set up a Stone Wall (Shield (E)Earth (D) Force) and summon Death. Alternatively, you can set yourself on fire, this cancels the Snow Troll's grab.

To prevent their insta-kill, simply give yourself rock armor Shield (E)Earth (D), which prevents them from being able to grab you.

An alternative, very easy way to defeat them could be this: create a shield around yourself (Shield (E) Area) and boost it to the max. Then attack the troll(s) outside using fire mines (Shield (E)Arcane (S) Fire (F) Area) in order to set them on fire. Add more fire elements to add more damage. Also fire lightning mines Shield (E)Arcane (S)Fire (F)Lightning (A) could be useful.

At the beginning of chapter 11, you can find a book of Invisibility. If you have Frost Cleaver, hit from invisibility and area spell SteamLightning (A)Arcane (S) is a easy way to kill them.

quickest method is to set up a stone wall, wet them and use thunderbolt, it will one shot them for 10000 dmg (casting thunderbolt is quicker than casting area freeze and then super steam lightning bolt.)

  • New Strategy!!!: Just cast an ice spikes shield on yourself (Shield (E)Ice self cast), so when the troll tries to catch you, it will hurt himself with the spikes and will not eat you. Just kill him with any spell, since he is helpless now.
Fire Drake Fire Drake.jpg Chapter 11 3200 - They will spit fire at you and stand there. They are fire creatures so naturally susceptible to SteamWater(Q) spells. Also very strong is Ice. They attack slowly and its easy to dodge. But being set on fire can get annoying. Just cast a fire immunity aura (Shield (E) Fire (F) self cast) and channel any Steam/Water(Q) beam on them.

The best solution is to cast a cold beam ( Arcane (S)Cold (R) , beam ) on them. Add more cold element to increase damage. Cold nova ( Cold (R) , area ) and breezing arcane nova ( Arcane (S)Cold (R), Area ) can be helpful if there's more than one lizard.

Sapient Pearwood Luggage Luggage.png Challenge mode 500 Random Magick or Item Hops towards you slowly and does a weak melee attack These should be a priority early on in challenges, as they can drop a vital, game-changing magick early on (but it's not guaranteed). Their priority as a target should drop drastically as you start to see greater numbers of enemies, until they are nothing more than minor distractions.
Imp Imp.png Chapter 1 300 - Passive Aggressive Only encountered in the tutorial. They are incredibly weak and easy to deal with, but may swarm an unprepared player. Once down to a certain amount of health, they will run away and cower.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

A list of bosses, their locations and drops. For strategies on defeating them, go to their respective chapter walkthroughs or the boss page.

Name Description Location Hitpoints Drops
Behold the Watcher Beholdthewatcher.pngFloating one-eyed monster that shoots arcane beams Chapter 1 2400 -
Ygg, Hungry Forest Troll Ygg.png Forest troll with wooden club. Chapter 1 6000 Captain's Axe as a reward from Captain Bjorn
Jormungandr, Guardian of the Tree Jormungandr lunge.pngGigantic mythical snake Chapter 2 10000 -
Jotunn, Chieftain of the Tribes Jotunn.png A purple Beast Chieftain with a name Chapter 3 8000 M60 if you defeat Jotunn with no buildings destroyed
The Machine The machine.png Strange orc-powered machine constructed to impale the king with a metal spit. Chapter 4 5000 Staff of War from Disciples
The Warlock Boss Warlock.png The Warlock is a much stronger Disciple. Chapter 4 12000 Staff of War from Disciples
Khan, Warlord of the Orcs Khan.jpg Giant, old orc, resembling Protoss Dark Templar from StarCraft Chapter 5 8000 -
Grimnir, The Dark Lord Grimnir.jpg Chapter 6,
Chapter 12
35000 Different staves from hostile mages fought in the mind duel before main battle.
The Aristocrats, High Lords of the Goblins The Aristocrats.jpg An assembly of goblins who wear colored robes Chapter 8 4500 / 1200 Aristo-staff from the black robed Aristocrat
Vlad the Vampire Boss vlad.png Like a vampire, but its not a vampire Chapter 9,
Chapter 12
10000 Vlad's Gauntlet, that gets you "ALmost vampiric powers".
Death, Travel Agent Death.png Grim skeleton with scythe and in grey robe Chapter 10 10000 Summon Death Magick
Fafnir, the Burninator Fafnir.jpg Giant black dragon Chapter 11 35000 Corporealize Magick
Assatur, The King in Yellow Assatur.jpg Yellow-robed demon with mask on face Chapter 12 50000 Vortex Magick, Moose

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