Patch Notes
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(November 5, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(November 19, 2013 Wizard Wars)
  • [balance] Decreased projectile initial velocity. Decreased projectile uncharged damage. Slight increase of projectile cast time. Decrease of projectile maximum charge time.
  • [balance] Tweaked barrier defense values.
  • [balance] Fixing "on mine explode" after server disconnect crash issue - Introducing new nop delegate used after server has disconnected in order to handle (or not, as it were) events on server owned units
  • [balance] Hot, steamy, wet status fixes. IE steam doesn't make water resistant targets wet anymore.
  • [balance] Tweaked speed/health values on items and gave every item its proper elemental bonus
  • [balance] Fix for area shields not unspawning on colliding with other area shields
  • [login] #Online players works for ssq-servers.
  • [login] Crashfix when selecting regions manually.
  • [login] Eula now works and is always shown on first login. This should solve the problems for accounts created outside of wizard wars not being shown the eula. (Because we know you all read that right? Seriously though, please do!)
  • [login] menu state transition fix
  • [login] Bad credentials on login now actualy reported as bad credentials, not error.
  • [bugfix] Disconnected players should now show up as disconnected again.
  • [bugfix] No more upside down numbers when you disconnect from the game server before match begins.
  • [bugfix] CTD after a game when trying to return to the lobby.
  • [bugfix] Fixed an issue where clicking an empty rss feed would crash the client.
  • [bugfix] CTD during match when playing with lag.
  • [bugfix] Never terminate connections. Let them timeout instead.
  • [bugfix] Crash fix at start of game. Reset of focus when match starts.
  • [bugfix] Fix for double-add server tag. Not sure what this does, sounds like math?
  • [bugfix] Fix for finding loginservers correctly. If in doubt, check behind the sofa.
  • [bugfix] Server type now not set twice. This should stop the login server from crashing.
  • [bugfix] Fix for finding loginservers correctly.
  • [bugfix] Added test-ini for LIVE, to avoid overwriting logs
  • [bugfix] Teleport projection crash fix.
  • [network] Now waits for peers to disconnect clearly before it actually starts searching.
  • [network] Goodbye rpc's implemented.
  • [network] Transactionmanager now always updated during gameserver update. Memory leak fix.
  • [network] Proper matchmaking rpc arguments on server, proper rpc function signature on client.
  • [rendering] Show resistance rings when in air
  • [sound] Fatter Blunt Impacts.
  • [sound] Blocked and Vendetta dagger WIP.
  • [sound] Sound: Wep Block Blunt Big, Medium & Small + menu sounds.
  • [player] Lock player input when in air
  • [player] Frozen players are now affected by gravity.
  • [imps] Fixed frozen imp behavior for 5 seconds after spawn. Imps are now being injected with their preferred brand of energy drink prior to every match.
  • [imps] Remove unneeded damage trigger extensions
  • [imps] Animations, pushed and knocked. Animation and statemachine.
  • [strings] Apostrophes, commas, correct spelling and Slain Imps. We have slayed the incorrect English! Oh wait...
  • [metrics] Renamed telemetry for disconnecting from login server to logout.
  • [metrics] GUID for game sessions in telemetry. Server now actually sends user id along with telemetry on round end.
  • [metrics] Send game start telemetry whenever the client is started.
  • [metrics] Working telemetry for login and logout.
  • [metrics] Retrive user id on login and load account. Use user id for telemetry.
  • [metrics] Steam id column now goes along with all telemetry.
  • [fonts] Clicking a text input field that has propagating input will now move caret to cursor position.
  • [fonts] Added cyrillic characters to fonts.
  • [fonts] Support for multiple fallback fonts defined per font family.
  • [fonts] Added Liberation Sans fallback font with and without outline.
  • [fonts] Login inputs now actually centered.
  • [fonts] Text input now works as html input type="text" when backspacing/deleting and using the arrow keys. Even when center aligned. YAY!