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Patch Changelog 2011-11-15

  • Added saveable checkpoints. Checkpoints will now save your progress up to that point.
  • Added an automatic-revive fairy for single player games.
  • Added an option to revisit old chapters in a campaign.
  • Fixed decal limit graphics option.
  • Added additional graphical options for particle effects.
  • Improved server browser usability.
  • Improved body collision detection and overall physics.
  • Frame rate stuttering should be less noticeable for some users.
  • Extended particle system with particle lights.
  • Added bleed status effect, similar to the poison status effect it can be removed by healing.
  • Added a stunned state and stun damage property, when a character is stunned they're unable to act for a character specific amount of time.
  • Added gamepad rumble when a player character is revived.
  • The seven day cruise achievement will now display its achievement progress.
  • Level restart will now properly reset any active particle effects.
  • Both confuse and fear particle effects will now properly stop when a character drowns.
  • Fixed a gamepad issue in the campagin menu, where a user could reach invisible menu items.
  • Improved etherealize network synchronization.
  • The space robe's now use the correct portrait.
  • Characters with grab abilities will now properly play a grab-intro animation.
  • Increase life/arcane beam range.
  • Fixed a bug in the loading screen where it sometimes wouldn't render properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the credits, if a user changed language in the same game session, then the credit language would not be updated.
  • Charm will now properly affect other enemy players.
  • Collision between a projectile and a spell mine will now properly cause the mine to detonate.
  • Pure water barriers no longer causes push damage, earth-water and ice-water barriers still do though.
  • Decreased Fear range from 10 to 5 units.
  • Decreased aura and buff intensity and details to reduce the graphics clutter.
  • Casting a lightning spell within an area shield will now properly target the closest target.
  • Overkilled frozen characters will now properly explode.
  • Overkilled frozen characters will now properly spawn frozen gibs.
  • Fixed some minor colouring issue on the health bars.
  • Marginally increased the health bar height on player characters.
  • Damage numbers caused by status effects will now properly display for network clients.
  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly set the players team in non-versus games.
  • Fixed an issue where non local characters could get stuck in casting self animation.
  • Beastmen will now properly crouch before jumping.
  • Fixed user input control when feared or panicking.
  • Fixed a small bug in the AI, enemies should now be more responsive.
  • Fixed arcane bolt when used by the rogue robes, it will now properly shoot the projectile like with other robes.
  • Fixed Chapter 4 scene 2 (inn) fade to black bug.
  • Changed the resolution of:
    • "Content\EffectTextures\ParticlesC.xnb"
    • "Content\EffectTextures\ParticlesD.xnb"
    • "Content\UI\HUD\CounterAnimation.xnb"
This resolves the "Texture Width/Height too large" error and renders the "" fix obsolete.
  • Fixed proper removal of status effect light source when a character is burning and killed.