Patch Notes
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(November 12, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(November 26, 2013 Wizard Wars)


  • Corpses now fall to the ground if the NPC dies in the air. We can be BFFs with Newton again!
  • Push/In-Air animations have been updated and look generally 200% better (give or take).


  • Wizards being knockdown on their backs added. But they get up again. You're never gonna bring 'em down.
  • Shortened the recovery time for the pushed state.


  • Tightened the Ice Projectile damage cone, increased the minimum Ice Projectile range.
  • Increased Life Barrier healing, decreased Life Mine healing.
  • Reduced Arcane damage from Elemental Walls (ASE).


  • Disconnected players should now show up as disconnected again. Logic!
  • No more upside down countdown-numbers when you disconnect from the game server before match begins. M.C Escher turns in his grave.
  • Only persist valid loadout.
  • Settings crash fix.
  • Respawn text crash fix.
  • AI death crash fix.


  • Updated Revive Magick description to clarify that it heals living targets for 500HP.


  • New awesome (we double checked with the council, it is indeed awe-some) scrollbar!
  • Proper menu state transistions.
  • IMProved GUI-clipping.
  • Pressing [ESCAPE] in the main menu leads to the Landing Page, pressing it in the Landing Page leads to the Settings Screen.
  • Pressing an already selected menu button reverts you to the menu Landing Page.
  • Redeem button ingame! Press it to go to the website via Steam Overlay.
  • RSS-feed slide tweaks.
  • Settings screen now has a close button.


  • IMProved sound mix.