Patch Notes
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(November 19, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(November 27, 2013 Wizard Wars)


  • Split up ice and steam resistances in sub elements for selfshield
  • Only protect against water based push/elevate with water resistance
  • Fire resistance now protects fully against the damage part of steam damage
  • Don't push or elevate at all when invulnerable
  • Steam spray now pushes, water resistance push protection first pass


  • Fall out of map physics fix. This is not in any way related to radiation.
  • Sliding frozen player fix (sorry!)


  • Closest region only chosen from regions known by client. No more entering hidden regions.
  • User rejoining fixed.
  • Cleaned up code that shouldn't be running on the servers.
  • If a user reconnects it no longer causes it to count as a leave+join.
  • Fixes various issues with login procedure, most importantly gifting default gear on first login.


  • Added a server section to account data. Server section is not sent to the client.
  • Don't transmit server data when using transmit_all_variables_to_peer.


  • Game servers registering for refill will now be handled correctly, instead of as emptyb


  • [telemetry]End of round player stats sent (improved leaderboards)
  • [gui] New icons for all robes
  • [textures] Pimped robe textures. Yes, this IS a verb...thanks Xzibit!
  • [abilities] aoe damage/destroy breakables crash fix
  • [settings] Escape button spam fix. The button will not allow you to ACTUALLY escape when frozen/stunned/generally being hurt, yes, escape is a confusing name.
  • [chat] Crash fix for very long text messages and variable naming.
  • [bugfix] Refetch bulk items upon reentry.
  • [bugfix]: Made sure that level up crown rewards are actually granted!