Patch Notes
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(October 29, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(November 12, 2013 Wizard Wars)

Key Changes[]

  • Improved Login Server stability
  • Various connectivity fixes. Hagfish should now be on the extinct anima...I mean error list. We think we have it nailed now, feedback on connectivity over the next few days is much appreciated.
  • Community voted magicks now active. The community spoke, we listened! Your preferred magicks of choice are now in your wizarding arsenal.


  • Capital letters in blue buttons.
  • Correct crown-values when you return to frontend after a match-reward.
  • Added clean Philosopher Bold font (no outline)
  • Fix for a rare magicks telegraphy crash. No, this has nothing to do with circa 1940 communication methods.
  • The viewport should now be applied when transitioning from a game back to the menus. Previously the black bars would disappear when returning to the menus.
  • Damage numbers now appear in the correct position when using viewports (i.e non-supported aspect ratio in windowed mode).
  • Limit wizard name input to 16 characters. Sorry, no more 3 page bio's.
  • Crash fix when a projectile JUST WONT DIE.
  • Camera system now clamps mouse coordinates to within the viewport. No more looking at things far away because of black bars! Poor mouse, clamping sounds painful...
  • Added steam name to score board. Expect to see *1337*Sephiroth*1337* in a post-game scoreboard near you soon!
  • Always send game session stats to client at end of round. Now you get to see written proof of your wizard-exploding capabilities!
  • Player rank negative xp fix. Delorean no longer sends your scores back in time.
  • Crashfix when changing regions.
  • Missing error strings, corrected standardized error code names to single words only
  • Attack cooldown glitch fix
  • Attack movement stuck fix
  • Caster disconnect crash fix, removed some unnecessary logging. Less crasging = more pew-pewing
  • Break invulnerability when healed by a friendly
  • New info texture. Mmmm delicious pretty textures.
  • Disable respawn/revive invulnerability when casting a spell
  • Use different imp faces depending on the category of the feed.
  • Added links and cursor changing to the rss feed. Are you still reading this? Good job!
  • Different feeds for ingame and login.
  • Revive focus drain fix, minor spellcasting stats fix
  • Added rss feed to landing page.
  • Tweaked XP/Crowns. A lot.
  • Melee Tweaks
  • Minor GUI fixes, friends list etc