Nullify Information Magick nullify.png
Game Description: Removes bothersome stains, spells and status effects. Nullify is 42% more effective than other leading brands!
Combination: Arcane (S)Shield (E)
Keycode: SE
Location: Chapter Two: Found next to the altar where a Goblin Shaman is fought.

Spell effects[]

Nullify removes most magical effects in the playing field that are cast by players and creatures. The Magick does not differentiate between friendly and hostile effects; it removes all of them. Nullify takes effect immediately but the casting wizard requires 1 second to recover. The following is a list of things removed by Nullify, but this list is not exhaustive:

  • Mines
  • Barriers
  • Storms
  • Shields (including self-shields)
  • All summoned minions
  • Active Magicks (including those that cause status effects)
  • Active beams (that are being channeled)
  • Magical projectiles
  • Queued elements in the spellbar
  • Most spells cast by Grimnir and Assatur
  • Status effects
  • Immunity auras

The following are not removed by Nullify:

  • Imbued weapons
  • Projectile spells and Push being charged


  • Counters most Magicks and spells, destroys enemy minions.
  • Has a very short combination sequence so it can be cast quickly.
  • Cannot be countered.
  • Useful in getting rid of blocking mines, barriers and shields cast by "helpful" team mates.
  • Disrupts enemy spellcasting by emptying their spellbar.


  • Does not remove immunity auras, even the temporary ones cast by wizards.
  • Disrupts allied spellcasting, removes shields from allies, destroys allied minions and stops allied beams that are active.