Patch Notes
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(October 22, 2013 Wizard Wars)
  • [balance] Please don't QQ, we lowered some Pew-Pew - Adjusted (down) damage from QFS and QRS AoE's.
  • [balance] Decreased the healing amount from WED Barriers. We considered increasing all player HP, boost damage on all spells, weapons and Magicks but... sorry. We nerfed one number instead.
  • [items] We had a small hairy-footed chap raid our Wizarding supplies. Removed the empty ring slot from frontend - it will return soon (We have 9 Wizards in black robes chasing after hairy-foot as we speak)!
  • [Network] Small genetic modifications made to our hamsters - Serve connections improved, i.e less hagfish
  • [party] Increased dunka dunka level by 9000 - Party tweaks were made.