Patch Notes
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(October 17, 2013 Wizard Wars)
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(October 24, 2013 Wizard Wars)

Key Changes[]

  • Connectivity fixes
  • Matchmaking fixes
  • Various Crash and Bugfixes
  • "Crowns" wipe.

Shiny New Stuff![]

  • 4 New Magicks for your testing pleasure!
  • Teleport - Immediately teleport 10 meters in the direction you're facing. Best used when your destination doesn't contain fiery death.
  • Stone Prison - Raises an impenetrable barrier around its target. Useful for locking down enemies for a few moments of peace and quiet. "I'm in a stone case of emotion" (Escher respect-points for guessing the reference)
  • Tactical Dragon Strike - Placable 'napalm' strike. Smells, sounds AND tastes like victory!
  • Thunderstorm - Rain with Thunderbolts in a large area. Skillfully modeled on today's weather in Stockholm, but with added Thunderbolts!


  • [network] Changed pong and handshake timeouts default to 40 because steam connection.
  • Show notification and end session when server disconnects.
  • [steam lobby]: Terminate connection with lobby host/members AFTER we've shut down the lobby.
  • [connectivity]: Make sure to terminate connection to all peers in lobby when leaving it.
  • [ingame client running]: Make sure that we disconnect from lobby on an edge-case.
  • Load balancing now actualy done right. Flipped comparison.
  • [menu] show party if members in party when entering menu
  • [connectivity]: Terminate connections correctly.
  • [login] proper state handling


  • [matchmaking] client 0 second delay first time
  • [matchmaking] client 60 second delay before sending matchmaking rpc after entering game state menu
  • [party] cancel ready if matchmaking fails due to server errors
  • Set pong timeout to 10.
  • [matchmaking] fixed play button message order
  • [matchmaking] improved client logic, play button feedback
  • [crashfix] only abort matchmaking when allowed
  • [matchmaking] Fix for matchmaking to default/degbunke when retrying matchmaking from inside training ground
  • [matchmaking] Fix of faulty peer_id chech
  • [party] peer cancel ready when reentering menu
  • [party] peers only invitable when in menu
  • [party] peer disconnect self fix.


  • telemetry fix
  • [bugs] Status system crash fix, also removed logging and debug code
  • [login] always deselect all fields when trying to login
  • [bugs] Remove assert in frame_table, just log instead
  • [bugs] Status system server crash fix
  • [bugs] End of round crash fix #2
  • [bugs] Status system crash fixed debug code
  • [bugs] Speelwheel client crash fix


  • [survey] New survey.
  • [game server default gear]: Only receive it once per peer, not every update.
  • [loadout] Only persist loadout when changing from gear screen, when pressing play, and when Searching becomes Joining.
  • [frontend] alpha build version string
  • [ui] chat visible, removed outdated code
  • [spells] Lightning not removing wet status fix
  • [Audio] sounds for login screen and rewards
  • [feedback] Updated to new feedback survey for patch notes.